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Tesla Cybertruck’s Wiper Replacement – A Bargain at $165!


In a surprising twist of automotive fate, the Tesla Cybertruck’s notorious wiper replacement won’t break the bank—it’s a steal at just $165 for the whole arm and blade setup! The Verge, your go-to source for all things Cybertruck and windshield wiper-related, is here to unravel the price mysteries.

Wiper Wisdom:According to Tesla aficionado Nic Cruz Patane, who seems to have an uncanny ability to decode Tesla’s secret parts catalog, the Cybertruck’s wiper blade assembly comes at a reasonable $165. Need just the blade? No problem—$75, and you’re good to go. Who knew wiping away rain could be so affordable?

Windshield Woes: But that’s not all. If your Cybertruck’s entire windshield needs a makeover, it’ll set you back $1,900. Yes, you read that right. The price of a used car for a new windshield. It seems a bit steep, but hey, it’s the Cybertruck—where extravagance meets affordability, apparently.

Window Wonders: Now, let’s talk windows. The side windows, rumored to be as tough as a baseball player’s spirit, can be yours for a mere $225 to $260 per piece. Because who wouldn’t want windows that can take a hit and keep on… well, not shattering?

Tech Talk: Whether it’s windshield wipers, windows, or the future of electric trucks, The Verge has you covered. Stay tuned for more updates on the quirkiest details of your favorite tech-infused vehicles.

In the world of Cybertrucks and wipers, every detail matters. Buckle up, tech enthusiasts!

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