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Rev’s Spotlight TikTok Influencers of the Week

  • From an environmentally friendly trendsetter to “Hoya Mense”, REV dives deeper into your favorite Tiktokers. 

  • A surprise Baxter Theatre Playwright!

  • Comi-con’s chosen Tiktok influencer and more…

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South Africans are known for their joyful outlooks on life and humorous characteristics, this has been obvious through our creative platforms, especially Tiktok. Your locals have been blowing up the scene!! 

Here are Rev’s Spotlight Tiktok influencers of the week:


Rev’s six spotlight TikTok trendsetters.

Starting with Kelsey Maggot, a huge round of applause for our ladies wanting to create a shift on the social scale!

Kelsey Maggot, Tiktoker

Kelsey Maggot: SAs beauty standard breaker ,environmental friendly warrior and influencer

Kelsey fights the social standards of beauty, showing off her natural body hair, emphasising she is proud and not ashamed of her true self. 

Along with breaking social norms, Kelsey has used her platform to create awareness around her second passion, thrifting and saving our beautiful natural environment. 

What a trendsetter! 

Her enthusiasm to create waves of change is truly REV-olutionary! 

Our second spotlight is on the amazing Intezaar Kippie.

If you haven’t heard “Hoyah Mense” on your for you page, are you even on TikTok? 

Intezaar Kippie otherwise known as Hoyah Mense.

Intezaar’s ability to create unique content based on his day-to-day life, makes him stand apart from others. “Hoya mense” encourages his followers to embrace their upbringings. 

Intezaar involves his loved ones, especially his family in most of his content allowing his loyal followers to resonate and look up to him, proving you can stay true to who you are and become a well-known personality. 

Intezaar lives rent-free in Rev’s mind!

At Trendy Tiktoker number Three, we’ve chosen the quirky Shaakir Barnes, otherwise known as facemask_46.

Shaakir’s ability to not be afraid to share his authentic self with the world is what we all love about him. From embracing his dance moves to bringing us along with him on his road to fame, we are obsessed!

Shaakir Barnes, SA youth’s icon, breaking stigmas as he goes.

Shaakir has become a role model for his young fans in and around the Cape Flats, shining a ray of hope for change in his community.  We see the new generation of Tik-tokers on their way to bringing REV-olutionary changes to South Africa.  

His followers are supporting this young REV-olutionary and so are we!

Keeping our eyes on the Western Cape, let’s lock into Sherazaan Cummings.

Sherazaan has been resonating with the local Coloured and Muslim community. Her hilarious skits from reenacting sibling fights to weird family dynamics we all experience, connects her growing following, proving why she is under our Tiktok Influencer Spotlight. 

Sherazaan Cummings: Our favorite Hijabi!

Her embodiment of every single character she portrays from her sister, brother, and mother keeps every viewer captivated. Sherazaan’s ability to recreate physical fights between siblings unlocks a sense of nostalgia and relatability in her followers. 

We at REV-olution have Sherazaan’s post notifications on and so should you!

Zoning on a true go-getter at number 5, Rev’s spotlight has landed on Sohail Booise. 

Did you know Sohail is not only a TikTok Influencer but also a playwright, choreographer, and director!!!   You may have seen or heard of Sohail’s “Hostel Lights” showcased at Cape Town’s Baxter Theatre Festival

Sohail Booise: The undercover playwright

Sohail uses his skills and experience to create laugh-out-loud content, from scripting The Real Housewives of Coloured to reigniting his followers’ memories of growing up in a South African household. 

Rev is obsessed with the creativity and authentic content Sohail has been putting out there!

Finally,  with Comic-con on the way, we at Rev had to focus on Cullan Andrews. 

Comic-con is only a few days away and Cullan Andrews has been selected as one of the faces for this amazing event, so for all of you heading out to the event, here is all you need to know about this TikTok Influencer!

Cullan Andrews: SA’s favorite White boy

Cullan has rapidly grown his social media presence over the years, from creating content based on his experience at school to everyday experiences we as South Africans can identify with. 

Cullan’s ability to connect with our rainbow nation, through showing off his skills dancing to “Yard” music, Amapiano, or reenacting a typical white mom having her glass of wine after work is what we love!

Lil Cully is the REV-olution to our Rainbow nation.


Get ready to join the REV-olution and embrace the diversity of South African TikTok!

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