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Ducati Unveils Bold New Scrambler Concepts: CR241 and RR241

Ducati is set to expand its retro Scrambler range with two new V-twin prototypes unveiled at the Bike Shed Moto Show in London on May 24. The Bologna brand introduced the CR241, a sleek cafe racer, and the RR241, a rugged, Mad Max-inspired creation, both showcasing distinct aesthetics and building on the well-established Scrambler platform.

Meet the CR241 and RR241

CR241: The Classic Racer The CR241 is a modern nod to classic Ducati racers of the past, particularly the 1970s Ducati 750SS and early 1980s Pantah. It sports a 17-inch front wheel setup with road-specific rubber, replacing the standard 18-inch off-road style tires. The design features clip-on handlebars, a tank-mounted fairing, and a petite single seat with a detachable pillion cover. Despite its racy appearance, the CR241 retains the 803cc Desmodue air-cooled V-twin motor, delivering the same 72.2 bhp as other models in the Scrambler range.

RR241: The Macho Sibling In contrast, the RR241 embraces a rugged, post-apocalyptic aesthetic inspired by Mad Max. It features a high-mounted Termignoni exhaust, a high front fender, cross-spoked wheels with a 17-inch rear and 18-inch front, and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR 50/50 tires. Although it looks ready for off-road adventures, the RR241 shares the same suspension setup as the rest

of the Scrambler range, with 150mm travel Kayaba components. This means its real-world dirt capability might be limited, favoring urban style over genuine off-road prowess.

Built on Proven Foundations

Both the CR241 and RR241 are built on the established technical foundation of the Scrambler range, including the Euro5 compliant 803cc Desmodue air-cooled V-twin motor and tubular steel trellis frame. This ensures they maintain the reliability and performance that Ducati Scrambler fans have come to expect.

Ducati describes these new concepts as an expression of the brand’s dedication to customization, creativity, and free expression in the post-heritage Ducati world. They highlight the ongoing evolution of Ducati’s design language while paying homage to the past.

Design Details

CR241: Café Racer Elegance The CR241’s design is all about the classic café racer look. It features high-set clip-ons, underslung bar end mirrors, and a single seat setup. The tank-mounted fairing and road-focused 17-inch wheels enhance its sporty appearance, making it a standout for those who appreciate a retro yet refined aesthetic.

RR241: Post-Apocalyptic Flair Meanwhile, the RR241’s design is rough and ready, with influences from post-apocalyptic TV and film sagas. The high-mounted exhaust, rugged tires, and cross-spoked wheels give it a street tracker vibe. The removal of tank side panel covers for luggage attachment and the convertible pillion seat further emphasize its utility-focused design, albeit more for trendy urban use than hardcore adventure.

Market Potential

These new concepts demonstrate Ducati’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of motorcycle design and customization. By blending modern engineering with retro styling, the CR241 and RR241 could attract a wide range of riders, from those nostalgic for classic designs to those seeking unique, stylish rides.

With these prototypes, Ducati continues to cement its place as a leader in the retro motorcycle segment, offering innovative and eye-catching options that stand out in the crowded market.


As Ducati hints at these exciting new additions to the Scrambler lineup, motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the possibility of seeing these concepts in production. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek café racer charm of the CR241 or the rugged, post-apocalyptic style of the RR241, Ducati’s latest prototypes promise to add fresh excitement to the world of retro motorcycles.

Stay tuned for more updates on these groundbreaking models and other news from Ducati. For now, the CR241 and RR241 concepts offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the Ducati Scrambler range.

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