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KTM reveal prototype 990RC R sports bike

KTM enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as the Austrian manufacturer announces its re-entry into the road-going sports bike market with the forthcoming release of the KTM 990RC R for the 2025 riding season. After years of anticipation, spy photographs, and speculation, KTM confirms the development of this highly anticipated middleweight parallel twin.

The KTM 990RC R prototype, showcased in pre-production guise, exudes a striking appearance with battleship-style black and white fairings adorned with winglets and a MotoGP-inspired tail. Powered by a Euro5+ compliant version of KTM’s LC8c parallel twin, similar to the motor found in the existing 990 Duke, the finished bikes are expected to deliver exhilarating performance.

The lineup will include both a standard version and a ‘Track’ variant, with the latter catering to enthusiasts seeking a more aggressive racing experience. The Track version will feature performance-oriented components such as a full racing exhaust system, targeting availability in the second quarter of 2025.

Designed to meet the practical demands of the road, the KTM 990RC R promises a comfortable riding position with less weight on the wrists. Adjustable foot pegs and clip-ons mounted below the top yoke contribute to its focused yet practical design.

Under the hood, the KTM 990RC R boasts impressive performance figures, with a claimed output of 126.2bhp and 76lb.ft of torque. The lightweight twin-cylinder motor, weighing just 57kg, promises exhilarating acceleration and nimble handling.

Featuring a steel frame optimized for performance and cornering stability, the KTM 990RC R is equipped with fully adjustable WP Apex open cartridge suspension and Brembo calipers for precise control. Lean-sensitive cornering ABS ensures confident braking performance, further enhancing the bike’s capabilities on both road and track.

With its imminent release, the KTM 990RC R signals KTM’s return to the road legal sports bike genre, marking a significant milestone for the brand. As the supersport class experiences a resurgence, the KTM 990RC R joins the ranks of formidable competitors, offering enthusiasts a compelling option in the middleweight sports bike segment.

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