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Intel Unveils Thunderbolt Share: Redefining PC Connectivity

In a groundbreaking move, Intel introduces Thunderbolt Share, a revolutionary app set to redefine the way PCs interact and share data. This proprietary application, set to be licensed to leading laptop, desktop, and accessory manufacturers, promises to elevate the user experience by enabling seamless connectivity between Thunderbolt-enabled devices.

A Leap Forward in PC Connectivity

Thunderbolt Share represents a significant leap forward in PC connectivity, allowing users to effortlessly link two Thunderbolt 4 or 5 computers via a Thunderbolt cable. With this innovative technology, users can seamlessly share peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, screens, and storage devices between connected PCs. Moreover, Thunderbolt Share facilitates lightning-fast file transfers at Thunderbolt speeds, enabling users to drag and drop files between devices with unparalleled efficiency.

Unmatched Performance and Versatility

Intel’s Thunderbolt Share isn’t just about connectivity—it’s about unleashing the full potential of your devices. With the ability to mirror one PC’s screen to another at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, users can enjoy a seamless viewing experience with minimal latency and zero compression. Whether connected directly or through a Thunderbolt dock or monitor, Thunderbolt Share ensures optimal performance and versatility for every user.

A Seamless Experience, Tailored for Windows

While Thunderbolt Share is currently exclusive to the Windows platform, Intel is actively exploring opportunities to expand its compatibility to other operating systems in the future. With a focus on delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience, Intel is committed to ensuring Thunderbolt Share sets a new standard for PC connectivity across all platforms.

Industry Partnerships and Collaboration

Acer, Lenovo, MSI, and Razer are among the first PC partners to embrace Thunderbolt Share, alongside accessory vendors Belkin, Kensington, Plugable, and Promise Technology. These partnerships underscore the industry’s enthusiasm for Thunderbolt Share and its potential to redefine PC connectivity for consumers worldwide.

Looking Ahead: Redefining PC Connectivity

As Thunderbolt Share prepares to make its debut in the market, Intel remains dedicated to delivering an unparalleled user experience that seamlessly integrates the power of Thunderbolt technology into everyday computing. With Thunderbolt Share, the future of PC connectivity has never looked more promising. Get ready to experience a new era of productivity and collaboration like never before.

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