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Artificial Intelligence

Roblox reveals new AI-powered 3D modeling tools

The unveiling of AI technologies by Roblox at GDC has sparked both excitement and concern within the gaming community. The tools, designed to streamline 3D modeling for content creators, promise to revolutionize the creative process on the platform. However, their potential implications for labor practices and monetization strategies have raised eyebrows.

The first tool, Avatar Auto Setup, offers a streamlined approach to rigging humanoid models, significantly reducing the time required for animation preparation. This innovation has the potential to empower creators by simplifying complex tasks and accelerating their workflow. On the other hand, some critics view it as a means to exploit a vast labor pool of creators, particularly given Roblox’s recent legal challenges regarding child labor exploitation.

The second tool, Texture Generator, utilizes AI-powered texture generation to create textures for 3D objects based on text prompts. While this technology offers a convenient way to prototype new looks and textures, its output may be seen as more of a starting point than a finished product. Nonetheless, it represents a significant step forward in automating the creative process.

Overall, Roblox’s AI technologies present exciting opportunities for content creators to innovate and monetize their creations. However, questions regarding labor practices and the ethical implications of automation remain unresolved. As the platform continues to evolve, it will be essential for Roblox to address these concerns while fostering a supportive and empowering environment for its community of creators.


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