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Ducati Drops a Surprise: Superquadro Mono – The Solo Screamer on Steroids!

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your helmets and prepare for a ride on the wild side because Ducati, in a surprising plot twist, has decided to go solo! In an age of multi-cylinder powerhouses, Ducati’s latest creation, the Superquadro Mono, brings back the charm of a single-cylinder engine after a 30-year hiatus. But hold onto your handlebars because this one’s not your grandpa’s single-cylinder; it’s the ‘Solo Screamer’ you’ve been waiting for!


Picture this: A punchy 659cc engine cranks out a whopping 76.4bhp in standard form and an adrenaline-pumping 83.4bhp for those who need that extra kick on the track. But that’s not the most exciting part; this beast revs like it’s got a date with the moon, zooming all the way up to 10,250rpm, thanks to its desmodromic top end. It’s like your bike’s had a triple espresso, and it’s raring to go!

The Superquadro Mono doesn’t just break records; it shatters them with a massive cylinder bore – the largest of any production single. It takes a page from the 1285cc V-twin ‘Superquadro’ found in the legendary 1299 Panigale, borrowing the whopping 116mm piston. But it doesn’t stop there; it adds a slightly longer stroke of 62.4mm, making this engine scream with delight. Imagine a piston flying at 21 meters per second at max rpm – it’s like a rock concert in your bike!

Now, if you’re thinking this is just a throwback to the 90s Supermono, think again! Claudio Domenicali, the brain behind the Supermono and Ducati’s current CEO, had a lightbulb moment about four years ago. He said, “Why not do a new Supermono?” And just like that, the Superquadro Mono was born.

Ducati isn’t holding back; they want this engine to perform like an opera singer hitting that high note. And boy, does it deliver! It kicks out a max of 46lb.ft at 8000rpm, and here’s the kicker – 70% of that power is available at a mere 3000rpm! That’s more grunt in the low revs than your morning coffee has caffeine.

But how did they do it? It’s all about the details, baby! They redesigned the cam profile, adjusted the throttle body diameter, fine-tuned the duct length, and optimized the exhaust pipe. It’s like giving your bike a gourmet makeover, and it’s hungry for the road!

The Superquadro Mono’s got an edge – quite literally. It features twin balancer shafts, not just one. It’s a bit like your bike hitting the gym and getting not one, but two personal trainers to keep those vibes in check. And the result? A balanced, powerful, and super-sleek machine ready to rock your world!

While we’re still waiting to see the Superquadro Mono’s ride, one thing’s for sure – Ducati’s back in the game, and they’re playing it solo. It’s a solo act that’s breaking boundaries, redefining the single-cylinder game, and leaving us all eagerly awaiting that thrilling roar on the open road. So stay tuned, folks, because this solo screamer is about to steal the show!

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