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KTM 790: The Wild, Affordable Sibling – A Thrilling UK Adventure!

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your helmets because the KTM 790 is back, and this time it’s like the budget-friendly cousin who crashes the 890’s party! We’ve taken this mean machine for a spin both on the tarmac and off-road in the picturesque landscapes of the UK. But wait, there’s a twist – this 790 is brought to you by none other than the masters of manufacturing efficiency, the Chinese wizards of CFMoto. So, let’s dive into this electrifying adventure, shall we?

The Resurrection of KTM 790

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, the KTM 790 series vanished into thin air, making room for the mighty ‘890’ lineup. Fast forward to 2023, and guess who’s making a grand entrance? The 790 is back, but this time, it’s hanging out with the cool kids in the lower tier. It’s like getting a taste of the ‘full fat’ 890 experience at a fraction of the cost. We’ve put this beast through its paces, racking up hundreds of miles on the road and even letting it stretch its legs on an off-road playground.

The Cost-Conscious Masterstroke

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – money! KTM has cracked the code to make the new 790s more affordable without skimping on the fun. How? Well, they’ve joined forces with CFMoto, who have a knack for cost-effective production. As part of this glorious partnership, the Chinese magicians are whipping up all the 790 KTM bikes in a dedicated factory nestled in Hangzhou. Who would’ve thought that Hangzhou, besides giving us Alibaba, would also contribute to our two-wheeled dreams?

The Power Behind the Roar

Before we dive into the juicy details of our adventures, let’s talk engines. The 790 range is like the 890’s slightly smaller sibling, sharing many traits. The engine, similar to the one that powered the now-defunct 790s, is still a parallel twin. The only twist in the plot? It’s now ‘Made in China,’ not Austria. This little beast churns out 94 horsepower at 8,000 RPM and 65 lb-ft of torque at 6,600 RPM. In comparison, the 890’s 899cc engine pumps out 103 horsepower at 8,000 RPM and 74 lb-ft at 6,500 RPM.

It’s not a massive drop in power, and here’s the kicker – the 790 engine can play dress-up and masquerade as a 47-horsepower sweetheart, perfect for those with A2 licenses. The 890s can’t do that!

The Ride of Your Life

The engine is not the only star of this show. It’s a team effort, and it’s held together by a tubular chromo steel frame. Suspended in the air, you’ll find non-adjustable 43mm WP Apex forks with a whopping 200mm of travel. Not to be outdone, the rear boasts an equal 200mm of travel, all thanks to the preload-adjustable WP Apex monoshock. The cherry on top? The seat height is a manageable 840mm, making the 790 Adventure an accessible choice on the Adventure bike spectrum.

The Techie Tease

And now, for the twist that would make any thriller worth its salt jealous! When you roll out of the dealership on your new 790 Adventure, it’s like Christmas morning – packed with fancy tech features, including Motor Slip Regulation, the ‘Quickshifter+,’ and cruise control. But here’s the catch – they’re on a timer, like a blockbuster movie you rented. After 930 miles, poof, they vanish into thin air unless you reach into your pockets. It’s a trial period, and once it’s over, you can either buy the entire Tech Pack for £859.87 or cherry-pick your favorites, like the Quickshifter+ for £361.51.


The KTM 790 Adventure, the comeback kid of the motorbike world, is a tantalizing cocktail of power, affordability, and a dash of thrilling technology. It’s proof that good things come in smaller packages, especially if they’re crafted in China and born from a partnership between giants. So, whether you’re conquering the asphalt jungle or taming the off-road wilderness, the 790 Adventure is your trusty steed. Just don’t forget to feed it some tech treats to keep the adventure rolling! Happy riding, folks!

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