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KTM Unleashes the Beast: The 2024 Super Duke R Roars with 30 Years of Duke Dominance

Introduction: In the realm of two-wheeled madness, KTM has long been the purveyor of sheer lunacy on the asphalt, and the new 2024 KTM 1390 Super Duke R is the latest embodiment of their relentless pursuit of motorcycle mayhem. Celebrating three decades of Duke dominance, KTM has cranked the crazy dial to eleven with an upgraded LC8 V-twin engine, pushing boundaries and defying expectations in true KTM fashion.

The Powerhouse Evolution: The heart of the Super Duke R undergoes a metamorphosis, expanding its displacement to a round 1,350cc, marking a significant power surge. With a devilish grin, the twin-cylinder motor now spits out a jaw-dropping 190bhp, accompanied by a thunderous 107lb ft of torque. This Austrian beast is not for the faint of heart; it’s a raw symphony of power, a celebration of untamed fury on two wheels.

Aposematic Aesthetics: KTM proudly declares that the Super Duke R has undergone a “striking aposematic evolution.” Translated from the KTM language, this means a visually audacious transformation. A new LED headlight, tank spoilers, aero wings, and a sleeker subframe cover give the Super Duke R an aesthetic overhaul. It’s not just a bike; it’s a visual warning, daring anyone to challenge its ferocity. Ducati Streetfighter V4 S owners, consider yourselves officially cautioned.

Technological Prowess: Beyond its visual theatrics, the 2024 Super Duke R boasts technological wizardry. The air intake and airbox undergo a redesign, and a 17.5-litre fuel tank expands the bike’s range to a staggering 300km or 186 miles. This super naked isn’t just about speed; it’s about conquering distances, hinting at the possibility of a long-distance GT version in the future. The engine, not to be outdone, features an all-new cam shift integrated into the cylinder heads, meeting the stringent Euro5+ emissions standard.

Suspension and Grip: As expected, the Super Duke R entrusts its grip to Michelin’s dual-compound Power GP tires and relies on WP suspension for an otherworldly riding experience. The Apex front fork and fully adjustable Apex shock are a dynamic duo, ensuring that every ride is a symphony of controlled chaos.

Electrifying Upgrades: The electronic realm sees its share of upgrades, with revised settings for the Performance and Track ride modes. It’s not just a bike; it’s a customizable experience, allowing riders to tailor the madness to their liking.

In the illustrious saga of KTM’s Super Duke lineage, the 2024 edition stands as a testament to relentless innovation, pushing boundaries, and celebrating three decades of unbridled dominance. Get ready to unleash the beast; the Super Duke R is here, and it’s not asking for permission.

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