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Return of the Stelvio! Get Ready to Ride the Hilarious Adventure Wave in 2024!

Are you ready to embark on a wild adventure? Well, Moto Guzzi is back, and they’ve got a surprise for you – the 2024 Stelvio adventure bike is here! We’re giving you the inside scoop on what’s to come in this quirky and sensational reveal.

The Beast Under the Hood

Buckle up, because this bike isn’t your grandma’s scooter. The Stelvio packs a punch with its 1042cc liquid-cooled, 8v, V-twin engine. It’s like a caffeinated espresso for your soul, producing a whopping 113bhp at 8700rpm and 77.4lb.ft of torque at 6750rpm. This engine is so clean it meets Euro5+ emissions regulations, making Mother Nature give it a virtual high-five.

Plus, the Stelvio won’t be hogging all the fuel – it comes with a 21-litre tank that can go the distance, boasting a range of up to 250 miles. It’s like a marathon runner on two wheels!

Wheelie Exciting

Let’s not forget the wheels – the Stelvio gets all adventurous with its spoked 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, perfect for your off-road shenanigans. The Stelvio’s sibling, the Mandello, may have different-sized wheels and some aero junk in the trunk, but who needs that when you’ve got those trusty adjustable 46mm upside-down forks and a single shock? It’s like riding on a magic carpet, but with better suspension.


Moto Guzzi didn’t skimp on the tech either. The Stelvio boasts radar technology that’s available as an optional extra. Say hello to cruise control, and maybe even blind spot detection, so you can keep your cool while conquering the road. There’s also full LED lighting, cornering ABS, and more gadgets than a secret agent’s arsenal.

All this fantastic tech is controlled through a 5-inch full-color TFT dash, like something out of a sci-fi movie, with bar-mounted switchgear that makes you feel like a superhero. Now you can navigate your adventures with ease, like the high-tech guru you are.

Revival of the Stelvio

The Stelvio is back, baby, and it’s taking the adventure scene by storm! Fresh spy shots of this two-wheeled beauty have emerged, and it seems to be based on the trusty V100 Mandello platform. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the Stelvio’s return since the 2022 Eicma show, and now it’s finally here!

With its 1042cc engine, the Stelvio is ready to rumble with 113bhp and 77lb.ft. It’s like attaching a rocket to your back, but way safer.

High-Tech and Sleek Design

But it’s not just about raw power. The Stelvio comes equipped with cutting-edge technology. You’ll find radar units up front and in the rear, ready for cruise control and blind spot detection. It’s like having a personal assistant to navigate through life’s twists and turns.

The Stelvio also brings you a TFT dash, so you can have all your essential info right at your fingertips, and even a USB-C port for all your high-tech gadget needs. No more arguing with your GPS over directions!

Suspension Surprises

While the Stelvio has all these fantastic features, it seems to skip electronically adjustable suspension. But hey, who needs it when you’re having this much fun? This might be the base version, or maybe they just haven’t gotten there yet. Who needs fancy suspension when you’ve got the thrill of adventure?

So, gear up and get ready for the hilarious and thrilling 2024 Stelvio adventure bike. It’s a wild ride that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear, and it’s here to make your next adventure truly epic!

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