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Rumoured Electric 1 Series

BMW is gearing up to target a younger generation of buyers with the introduction of its electric 1 Series model, while continuing to offer its traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) variants alongside. This strategic move is aimed at expanding BMW’s reach in the electric vehicle (EV) market and appealing to a broader demographic.

New Electric Models: i1 and i2

BMW has greenlit the development of new electric models, the i1 and i2, according to sources close to the company. These models will be manufactured in Munich and will form a distinct electric range, existing separately from the traditional ICE-powered 1 and 2 Series.

Strategic Goals

Bernd Koerber, Head of Product and Brand Management at BMW, highlighted the company’s intent to connect with younger buyers and expand into all markets. While acknowledging that these new EVs may have lower profit margins, Koerber emphasized their importance in attracting a younger demographic and establishing a strong presence in new markets. The Mini brand is also set to play a significant role in this segment, underlining BMW’s multi-faceted approach to market expansion.

Launch Timeline and Platform

The electric i1 is slated for a 2027 launch, followed by the sportier i2 in 2028. Unlike the existing 1 and 2 Series, which utilize the FAAR platform, the new electric models are expected to be built on BMW’s dedicated Neue Klasse electric car architecture. This platform is specifically designed for EVs, offering a range of benefits such as improved efficiency, range, and performance.

Market Position and Future Outlook

While specific details on specifications and pricing are yet to be disclosed, BMW’s move towards electric compacts reflects a broader trend in the automotive industry. The introduction of the i1 and i2 positions BMW to cater to a new generation of drivers who prioritize sustainability and cutting-edge technology in their vehicle choices.

Visual Appeal

BMW’s commitment to appealing to younger buyers is likely to be reflected in the design and features of the new electric models, which will aim to blend BMW’s signature style with modern, eco-friendly technology.


With the electric i1 and i2 on the horizon, BMW is set to make a significant impact in the EV market. These new models will not only attract younger buyers but also reinforce BMW’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, ensuring the brand remains competitive in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape.

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