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How The Whisky Brothers Club Masters Elixir Sophistication: Monthly Tastings & Pro Tips

Ah, the Whisky Brothers, a club of aficionados with a refined taste for the finest fermented liquid gold, also known as whisky. Picture five close pals who, in a stroke of genius or perhaps a bout of cabin fever, decided to embark on a journey of unparalleled sophistication back in February 2020. To fund their ever-expanding collection of this exquisite elixir, each member chucks in a measly R300, because, why not? It’s practically pocket change.


Once a month, these distinguished gentlemen gather for what they label as a “fun get-together” where they partake in the noble art of whisky tasting. They’ve grown so prodigiously that they’ve now swelled to a staggering 15 to 20 members – imagine the drama of finding a venue big enough to accommodate this rowdy bunch!

The wisdom they’ve gathered over time is nothing short of groundbreaking. Did you know that chilled whisky and room temperature whisky are as distinct as night and day? Ice, in its dastardly transformation, hides the whisky’s original character, melting away its identity like a master of disguise.


And here’s the pièce de résistance: a few drops of water can turn a mediocre whisky into a flavor symphony. A dash of H2O, and suddenly your taste buds are serenaded by a grand orchestra of flavors.

Despite the world being teeming with various whisky-producing regions, the brothers’ collective heart leans, quite predictably, toward Scotland. After all, they’ve been in the whisky game for centuries, perfecting the art of turning grain into liquid poetry.


To complete this whisky-soaked adventure, you can check out their Instagram page, @thewhiskybrothers_. Because nothing says “class” like sharing photos of your favourite spirit in a digital realm filled with cat videos and selfies. Cheers!




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