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Authentic Greek Delights at Nikos: South Africa’s Vibrant Fusion of Heritage, Flavor, and Fun

Discover the magic of Nikos, where they take timeless Greek recipes, passed down through the ages, and spread the joy with their South African community in an irresistibly lively setting. It’s a culinary journey that seamlessly links guests to their culture and those proudly Greek traditions.


At Nikos, they swear by authentic, home-style cooking. The bold, smoky, coal-grilled flavors steal the show, embracing many of their genuine Greek creations. The portions are not just generous; they’re practically part of their heritage. Dancing, plate-smashing, and an open-armed welcome into their family – that’s the Nikos way. It’s all about abundance and tradition.



In the realm of hospitality, Nikos is a force to be reckoned with. Their passion infuses every corner of the business, from the kitchen to the serving staff. Each meal is a mission to go above and beyond, to surprise and delight. Living the good life revolves around carefully prepared, high-quality dishes, sourced locally whenever they can.


Their menu is a treasure trove of classics, each one deliciously coal-grilled or oven-roasted. Daily preparation is their mantra, ensuring only the finest ingredients make it into their kitchens. Philotimo, a Greek term untranslatable in English, embodies their values – friendship, honor, courage, integrity, and generosity. It’s woven into their DNA.


Treating others as you’d like to be treated, giving without expecting – that’s the Nikos way. Established in 2017 and now making waves across South Africa, Nikos is the perfect blend of relaxation and celebration. Modern, stylish restaurants boast vibrant colors and decor celebrating Greek heritage with a South African twist. Greek-themed evenings, live music, plate smashing – there’s always something exciting happening.



In the spirit of philotimo, everyone, Greek or not, is embraced into their family. The extensive menu showcases authentic Greek dishes, a fusion of home-style cooking, and hearty portions. It’s a journey to the Mediterranean with every bite.


So, join the Nikos family for an authentically Greek experience. Bring everyone along to savor food made with love and celebrate the richness of life. Whether it’s a quiet dinner for two or a lively crowd, Nikos welcomes all. For special events, Greek-themed evenings, or private functions, reach out to make your reservation at The Big Blue, 12B Compensation Beach Road, Ballitoville, Durban.

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