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Daniel Popper Unveils ‘Nature’s Goddess’: A Harmony of Art and Nature at Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour

the official website of the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour. The festival, set to take place at the Glen Country Club in Clifton, Cape Town on April 6, will feature Daniel Popper’s latest sculpture titled “Nature’s Goddess.” This 5-meter high wooden sculpture aims to evoke a sense of harmony and unity between humanity and the natural world, emphasizing the deep connection and reverence for the environment.

Daniel Popper, a globally renowned South African artist, describes “Nature’s Goddess” as a representation of communion with nature, suggesting that such connection can lead to inner peace and wisdom. The use of wood as the primary material highlights the concept that humans are an integral part of nature.

Popper’s portfolio includes impressive large-scale art installations seen worldwide, ranging from Tulum, Mexico, to Las Vegas and Miami in the USA, and even Mvezo, Eastern Cape, where he created the Nelson Mandela Tree of Wisdom for the Nelson Mandela School of Science and Technology.

The Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour, known for its transformative music-lifestyle events, encourages attendees to embrace nature, enjoy breathtaking sunsets, and reconnect with friends and themselves through music, dance, and shared experiences.

For event and ticketing details, interested individuals can visit the official website of the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour.

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