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Friday Night Jazz Jam: Unwind with Live Music at Waterfront

Get ready to groove! Friday Night Jazz isn’t just music; it’s Cape Town’s heartbeat, a cultural juggernaut. Picture this: jazz swirling through city streets, merging with the essence of urban life. At Makers Landing this Winter, we’re crafting an atmosphere that’ll make your senses dance. Join us for a mashup of live tunes and delectable bites, creating a vibe where people come together for an unforgettable experience.



Meet the Maestros

Josh Trio: A dynamic trio of Joshuas—Klein, Wheatley, and Nemaire—ruling the Cape Town music scene. They’re not just jazz aficionados; these guys can jam to Jazz, Latin, Pop, and beyond. Versatility? Check!


Asemahle Tsholoba: This vocal powerhouse has serenaded the who’s who at elite gigs. Asemahle’s shared the stage with South Africa’s crème de la crème, rubbing shoulders with legends like Andile Yenana, Ringo Madlingozi, and more. Talk about a star-studded résumé!


Carly Barendilla: Her musical journey kicked off with grandpa’s melodies and took flight under the mentorship of pros like Leah Adams and Alexis Matsimela. Carly’s not just a singer; she’s a winner, bagging the jazz category award at the Fine MusicRadio Bursary Trust. Plus, collaborations? She’s teamed up with the Little Giants and even rocked out with the crew from Milton Academy in the USA. Now, that’s a voice worth tuning in for!



Friday Night Jazz Fiesta

Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM




24 NOVEMBER 2023



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