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Tuft Crowd: Unleash Your Inner Rug-Making Rockstar with Unique Handmade Rugs and Quirky Workshops!

Welcome to Tuft Crowd, where they firmly believe that everyone has the potential to unleash their inner rug-making rockstar. All it takes is a sprinkle of enthusiasm and a dash of willingness to venture into the uncharted territory of tufting awesomeness!


Forget about those factory-perfect rugs, because here they celebrate the beauty in imperfections. These rugs aren’t just rugs; they’re unique pieces of art, each painstakingly handmade by the almighty YOU! Whether you’re seeking some “me time,” an out-of-the-box date idea, a gift that defies the ordinary, or the ultimate rug-themed birthday bash, Tuft Crowd has got you covered with a smorgasbord of workshops tailored to meet your quirky needs.



Picture yourself in the bustling Tuft Crowd studio in Cape Town, surrounded by a team of design maestros ready to turn your rug dreams into reality. Your memory-making adventure awaits, and they’re here to guide you every tuft of the way!


But that’s not all—Tuft Crowd isn’t stingy with their creative space. Their studio is up for grabs, whether you’re planning a private shindig or a corporate extravaganza. Got questions? No problem! They’re itching to help you plot out the perfect workshop, so don’t be shy—reach out!


Now, onto the nitty-gritty. They’ve got two workshops that will make your wallet as happy as your tufted creation: the petite 50 x 50cm gig for R950 and the standard 70 x 70cm shebang for R1400.


And because they care about your rug’s happiness as much as you do, here are the golden rules for rug parenting:

Treat it like royalty—handle with care and love.

Keep your hand-tufted masterpiece indoors; it’s not a fan of damp basements, bathrooms, or kitchens.

No liquid baths for your rug! If it gets wet, dab it dry with a clean cloth pronto.

Shed happens! Excess fibers may party on your new rug, but fear not—it’s a normal rug rite of passage. Vacuum regularly to keep the fuzz in check.

If your rug starts sprouting loose ends, resist the urge to yank. Whip out those scissors and snip away like a rug ninja.



Maintenance? They’ve got you covered:

Regular hand brushing or vacuuming (twice a week recommended)

Say no to harsh chemicals for stain removal

Spills are the enemy; blot them out with an undyed cloth

Damp areas are off-limits

No water-soaking shenanigans

Dry cleaning? Just say no!


So, grab your tufting wand and get ready to sprinkle some rug magic at Tuft Crowd—where imperfections are embraced, creativity reigns, and laughter is the secret ingredient in every workshop! They are Located her: 243 Bree St, Gardens, Cape Town

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