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ZEBRA: Cape Town-bound with Debut EP – A Comedic Rock & Indie Music Adventure

Introducing ZEBRA, the band hailing from Pretoria, proudly proclaiming themselves as the illegitimate child of comedic rock and indie music! These mavericks, affectionately known as “The Herd,” are about to whisk you away on an epic journey with their original tunes and infectious lyrics, turning even the most uncoordinated house guest into a dance-floor superstar.



Prepare to have your socks rocked off, folks! The comedic rock indie sensations of ZEBRA have birthed their self-titled debut EP, and they’ve been nurturing it like a rare, exotic houseplant. After what seemed like eons of preparation, the moment has arrived! Seven tracks, each dripping with fan-inspired creativity (thanks to an EP design competition), are here to serenade your eardrums. You can admire the winning artwork by Soné Briel on the cover, a masterpiece to rival the Mona Lisa!



Hold on to your hats, because the ZEBRA party train is headed for Cape Town! Join the shenanigans on November 3rd at Colorbox Studios, 3 Industry St, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, and on November 4th in Stellenbosch at Aandklas, 43 Bird St, Stellenbosch Central. Get ready to jam with ZEBRA – Aweh! These guys are coming, and they’re bringing the musical thunder!

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