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Artjamming™: Unleash Your Inner Artist in Somerset West | Creative Events & Parties Galore

Discover the bliss of unlocking their artistic prowess at Artjamming, where the thrill of creation meets sheer amusement! Whether they’re keen on playing, painting, sponging, or spraying, Artjamming delivers an exhilarating experience, making it the most enjoyable way to wield a paintbrush.


Embrace their artistic flair using a deluxe assortment of paints, an array of drawing tools, and a lavish buffet of non-toxic acrylics. With options ranging from canvases of various sizes, easels, to an extensive palette of colors, they can freely express themselves sans the necessity of prior painting or drawing skills. And fret not, for the qualified artists are on standby to lend a hand if required.



Bid adieu to the bother of scouring for expensive art materials for their projects, exams, or portfolio examples. At Artjamming, they can craft their own masterpiece without denting their wallet. Picture themselves sporting an apron, facing a blank canvas in an environment brimming with creativity and inspiration.


Artjamming isn’t merely an activity; it’s an escapade. It’s perfect for individuals, gangs of buddies, or even an out-of-the-box birthday bash idea. Artjamming isn’t just a location; it’s a happening spot. From romantic evenings to team-building galas, corporate soirees, brand premieres, baby celebrations, gender reveals, proposals, school escapades, field jaunts, birthday bashes, festive workshops, and beyond – they cater to it all.


Their studios are open for impromptu visits, but it’s wise to secure a spot by booking in advance to avert any letdowns. Get in touch with their nearest studio to reserve a spot and kickstart this artistic journey!


Step into their studios anytime; they’re suitable for all ages, including babies, and fully accessible for strollers or wheelchairs.


Remember: “Dress to mess,” as their vibrant paints might leave a lasting impression on attire. At Artjamming, they don’t just create art; they craft memories. Unleash their inner artist! No experience? No problem! They provide everything needed: a blank canvas, vibrant paints, brushes, tools, and even a hairdryer for artistic effects. They can paint, play, sponge, or spray – it’s all up to them!



Artjamming is for everyone: families, pals, lone adventurers, the young, and the young at heart (0-100!). It’s the perfect means to bond, unwind, and express oneself.


They can opt for a spontaneous painting session anytime or secure a slot for one of their exciting events: birthday extravaganzas, team-building bashes, corporate galas, school break activities, tutoring sessions, exhibitions, and more. Corporate Events Unleash the inner Picasso at one of their fantastically creative corporate events! Birthday Parties Whether they adore painting, splattering, or even sliming, relish the delight of an artsy-party! All ages are welcome. Lourensford Estate, Lourensford Rd, Somerset West.

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