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Flight to Freedom: Discover Birds of Eden’s 220+ Bird Species in a Sprawling Sanctuary

Welcome to Birds of Eden, where over 220 bird species soar freely in their sanctuary, totaling more than 3500 happy flappers!


They’ve crafted an award-winning bird haven, giving previously caged birds the ultimate freedom in a sprawling, natural habitat.


Their avian community is a mix of exotic and African birds, including hand-reared individuals and former caged pets. This explains why some of their residents, especially the 60 parrot species, act all chummy with humans – they’re pretty used to us.



All newcomers go through a rehab routine before joining the main aviary. Most have a history of cramped cages, poor things.


Now, these birds aren’t exactly social butterflies. So, part of their rehab involves mingling in big outdoor aviaries. They learn the ABCs of flying, like building those wing muscles and nailing the perfect landing. The rest? It’s all about instincts—finding food, shelter, and bonding with their bird buddies.


Quick heads-up: They can’t take in birds that have been “pinioned.” That’s when they’ve had their wings clipped, leaving them grounded for life. It’s a brutal practice, really.



But let’s focus on the bright side! Birds of Eden’s real charm lies in its vastness, creating perfect homes for all these feathered friends.


Remember, they’ve got a strict “look, don’t touch” policy. Feel free to snap pics, videos, but keep those hands to yourself, okay? For more info, just drop them a line. Portion 11 & 12 of Kirbywood Farm Animal Alley The Crags, Plettenberg Bay

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