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Strawberry-Picking Fiesta at Polkadraai Farm: Your Ultimate Guide to a Juicy Adventure in Stellenbosch

At Polkadraai Farm in Stellenbosch, they offer you the chance to play the real-life version of “Fruit Ninja” by picking your very own strawberries. It’s like a treasure hunt, but with juicy, red gems that you can actually eat. So, when can you embark on this fruity adventure? Well, from September to January, every day from 9 am to 4 pm, they roll out the strawberry-red carpet for you. It’s a strawberry fiesta! Just remember, they take a break on Christmas Day – even strawberry fields need their holiday cheer.


Now, the big question: Do you need to book a strawberry-picking expedition? Well, if you’re rolling in solo or with your family, there’s no need for a reservation. Just grab your sunhat, put on your comfiest shoes, and wear that mega-watt smile – you’re in for a berry good time! But if you’re rolling in with a strawberry-loving army of 20 or more, it’s a good idea to give them a heads-up. They like to know when the strawberry paparazzi are coming.



Here’s how the strawberry-picking dance goes down:

First things first, you’ve got to grab a container from their in-store stash. It’s like the keys to the strawberry kingdom.

Now, hold on to your strawberry hats – those containers are not for sharing or passing around like hot potatoes. They’re your precious cargo.


Listen up, follow the guidance of the farm staff. They’re like the GPS to strawberry paradise. They’ll show you the prime picking spots.


Once you’ve collected your sweet, juicy loot, that container, and all the strawberries you can fit in it, are yours to keep – no need to bribe the strawberry bouncer!

So, how long does this berry adventure take, you ask? Well, plan for about 20 to 30 minutes of strawberry foraging. It’s like a mini fruit safari, without the lions and elephants.

Now, what to bring for this epic quest? Well, experienced pickers know the drill. Comfortable shoes are a must; you’re on a strawberry mission, not a catwalk. Sunscreen and a hat are your secret weapons against the sun’s rays, and that big smile? It’s your best tool for a berry unforgettable experience.



Oh, and here are some juicy strawberry-picking secrets:

Those strawberries won’t turn into different fruits after you pick them, no fairy tale magic here.

Keep the green stem (calyx) on your strawberries to make them last longer. It’s like their superhero cape.

As for chilling out, refrigerate your strawberries as soon as you can. They like the cold, just like snowbirds.

And last but not least, don’t wash your strawberries until you’re ready to devour them. They like to keep it fresh until the very last bite.


Now, it’s time to pick your adventure – and they’ve got different entrance fees based on how extravagant you want your strawberry escapade to be. Find them in Stellenbosch at Stellenbosch Arterial Rd, Kuils River. It’s the road to strawberry heaven, and your taste buds are the happy passengers.

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