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Impossible Magic Show: Africa’s Spellbinding Spectacle by College of Magic

Witness the unmissable spectacle, ‘Impossible: Africa’s Biggest Family Magic Show,’ brought to you by the College of Magic – think Cape Town’s very own ‘Hogwarts’ but without the owls.



Hold onto your seats for an uproarious display of more than 30 talented students and graduates showcasing their mind-bending skills. Get ready to be dazzled by a lineup that includes eye-popping illusions, comedic brilliance, jaw-dropping juggling, mind-boggling sleight-of-hand, and daredevil acts that might make you reconsider that second cup of coffee.


This non-stop rollercoaster of entertainment merges cutting-edge magic with sheer showmanship, promising to keep everyone, from the wee ones to the wise, utterly spellbound. The College of Magic has wowed audiences globally, strutting its stuff from Austria to China to Italy. Heck, it even graced the screens of the popular 60 Minutes TV show in the US!



Join in the magical extravaganza supported by the National Arts Council. The College of Magic has been waving its wand since 1980, teaching the art of magic and essential life skills to both kids and adults. Step into a world where confidence and social skills sprout faster than a rabbit from a hat, all thanks to meticulously crafted courses. Whether you’re a budding Houdini or just keen for a fantastic show, mark your calendars for Thu Dec 7, 11:00 – Thu Dec 7, 12:30 at the Joseph Stone Theatre. Trust us, it’s going to be more enchanting than finding a four-leaf clover in a field of rabbits!

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