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rAge 2023 Recap 1 month later: MSI Brings the Heat with Hardware, Hilarity, and good times

rAge 2023 Recap 1 month later: MSI Brings the Heat with Hardware, Hilarity, and good times

Subtitle: “MSI Dominates rAge Expo 2023 with Unbeatable Deals, Geek Trivia, and a Dash of Cosplay Magic”

Introduction: What would rAge Expo be without the iconic presence of MSI? Thankfully, we don’t have to find out as the hardware giant, crowned “Best Brand of rAge 2022,” made a triumphant return, leaving no stone unturned. In a whirlwind of gaming goodness, MSI showcased its premium computer hardware and laptops, partnering with AMD to deliver an unforgettable experience at rAge Expo 2023.

MSI and AMD Unleash Triple-A Gaming Madness: MSI, in collaboration with AMD, treated rAge visitors to an immersive gaming extravaganza. Attendees had the chance to test drive multiple AMD systems through the latest triple-A gaming titles and even snag them at irresistible prices directly from the stand. If you’re not familiar with MSI, one has to wonder: Are you okay?

Jaw-Dropping Displays and Exclusive Showcases: At the heart of the MSI spectacle were the latest and greatest MSI monitors, alongside exclusive product showcases from this year’s Computex. Brace yourselves; some of these tech wonders might induce both tears of joy and the slight pang of a depleted bank account.

Epic Activations and Competitions: MSI went beyond hardware, offering a plethora of competitions that ranged from 1v1 Mortal Kombat battles to TikTok challenges under the hashtag #MSITOK. Attendees could even enter to win a fully-loaded MSI Gaming PC valued at a staggering R56,680 RRP, thanks to a collaboration with PCBuilder.

Geeky Fun and AI Creativity: Geek Trivia enthusiasts had their moment at the MSI stand, answering brain-bending questions for a chance to win exclusive prizes. For the artistically inclined, there was an opportunity to flex creative muscles by sketching Lucky the Dragon or enhancing a photo at the AI Creativity station.

Battery Life Guessing and Lucky Sketch Race: For those fascinated by battery endurance, MSI introduced the “Guess the Battery Life!” challenge with the Prestige 13 Evo. Attendees who correctly predicted battery life at specific times during the show received MSI merchandise. Meanwhile, aspiring artists had a blast sketching Lucky the Dragon for a shot at the Arcade Claw Machine or exclusive prizes.

MSI Cosplay Photo Booth Extravaganza: In a stroke of genius, MSI partnered with professional photographer Stephen Segal to host a Cosplay Photo Booth. RAge cosplayers seized the opportunity to have professional shots taken at the MSI stand, courtesy of Segal, and sent directly to them for free.

Conclusion: MSI not only brought cutting-edge hardware to rAge Expo 2023 but also infused the event with an infectious blend of laughter, creativity, and thrilling competitions. From jaw-dropping displays to unforgettable cosplay moments, MSI’s presence was nothing short of legendary. Until next year, MSI, we eagerly await the next chapter of gaming greatness!


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