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Sky High Adventures in Cape Town: Hot Air Balloon Rides, Helicopter Tours & More

Step right up, folks, to the wild ride in the sky above Cape Town! They’ve got the hottest balloon bookings in town, giving you an epic sunrise voyage over the lush Cape winelands. Forget the mundane; this is your VIP pass to witnessing Cape Town’s splendor from a vantage point only a lucky few get to see.


Meet the maestro of the skies, Conrad van Wyk. With 26 years of ballooning under their belt, Conrad’s taken those balloons for a spin around the globe, from the Cape to Scotland to Thailand. Picture this: Conrad’s childhood was all about watching dad float those balloons, igniting a lifelong passion for these airy marvels. And when Conrad’s not up there in the clouds, dreaming about the next thrill, they’re concocting and crafting new balloon wizardry. (Yep, they even refuel their own balloons for tomorrow’s sky dance!)



Let’s talk balloons: it’s not just a ride; it’s a rendezvous with coffee, sunrise, and an unbeatable view. That’s one bucket list item practically begging to be checked off!


Now, they work with a cherry-picked gang of third-party booking gurus. But hold your horses; they’re not buddies with GoBallooning, alright? If you book through them, it’s like playing balloon roulette.


Here’s the lowdown: Hot Air’s got hot air balloon rides, helicopter swoops, and off-road 4X4 escapades bundled with wine tours. Feeling romantic? The Couples Hot Air Balloon Package is your ticket to an exclusive journey for two, sealing the deal with a five-star breakfast and some classy wine tasting.



Or, take to the skies in a helicopter! Their pilots are the real-time narrators as they glide over must-see spots like the Twelve Apostles, Lion’s Head, and the famous Robben Island.


But wait, there’s more! Hop aboard the exclusive Jeep Peninsula & Wine Tour Combo, cruising through Cape Point Vineyards and Chapmans Peak Drive. It’s not just about the wine; it’s a tasting escapade accompanied by picnic boards loaded with cheese, charcuterie, bread, and dessert. Prices range from R2700 to R28800, and timing? You ask, they deliver!


And where’s the magic happening? It’s all going down at Klein Joostenberg Deli & Bistro, Cape Town. See you in the skies, adventurer!

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