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Unveiling the Ultimate Cape Town Wine Adventure: Franschhoek Wine Tram’s Festive Season Extravaganza!

Looking for a thrilling adventure that pairs perfectly with your love for wine? Picture this: the Franschhoek Wine Tram, not just an experience but a legendary, can’t-miss journey for wine enthusiasts—both local aficionados and global fans alike—during this festive season in Cape Town!



What’s the scoop? It’s the ultimate way to dive into the famed Franschhoek Wine Route. Think double-decker bus meets tram ride—a unique blend offering sweeping views of Franschhoek’s breathtaking scenery and a stellar lineup of top-notch wines. Brace yourself for an exhilarating hop-on-hop-off Cape Town wine escapade that’s as unforgettable as it gets!


So, here’s the drill: hop on the Franschhoek Wine Tram, where you’re the boss. Choose your wine adventure from a selection of approximately 8 different routes, each showcasing 6 to 10 fantastic Franschhoek wineries. Sit tight, soak in the stunning vineyards and mountains, and make pit stops at your chosen estates. And guess what? You’re free to hop on and off as you please. Once you’ve landed at a winery, you’ve got a sweet spot of 35 to 60 minutes before the next tram or bus rolls in. Stick around longer, sure, but remember, that might mean missing out on another winery along the way. Tough decisions, eh? It’s all in your hands!



One thing’s crystal clear: the Franschhoek Wine Tram is the ultimate Cape Town adventure for your bucket list. This festive season, why not make it happen? It’s a wine-soaked ride you won’t regret!


Find them at: Franschhoek Square, 32 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek, Western Cape. Come join the fun!

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