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Exclusive: Xbox President Sarah Bond Establishes New Game Preservation Team

Xbox President Sarah Bond has initiated the formation of a dedicated team focused on game preservation and forward compatibility, according to emails obtained by Windows Central and confirmed as genuine by Microsoft.

In these emails, Bond reiterated Microsoft’s commitment to developing new Xbox hardware aimed at achieving the “biggest technical leap ever in a generation.”

The newly established team will concentrate on future-proofing digital Xbox game libraries across evolving hardware paradigms, building on Xbox’s strong history of delivering backward compatibility.

Xbox has experienced significant success with Diablo 4 since its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass, solidifying Xbox’s position as the leading platform for the game.

Bond highlighted Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to integrate Activision-Blizzard games and into Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, with Diablo 4’s inclusion contributing to Xbox’s prominence as the #1 platform for the game.

Game preservation has become an increasingly important issue as the gaming industry shifts toward digital licensing models, prompting Microsoft to close parts of the Xbox 360 store for new purchases.

To address this concern, Microsoft has formed a dedicated team to ensure the future accessibility of Xbox games, leveraging the platform’s strong history of delivering backward compatibility.

Sources suggest that Microsoft may unveil more details about this initiative around the annual Xbox Showcase scheduled for June 9th, 2024.

Bond also paid tribute to Kareem Choudhry, a longtime leader in Xbox who is retiring from Microsoft after 26 years of service, emphasizing the importance of preserving Xbox games for future generations.

In conclusion, Bond addressed the challenges facing the gaming industry, highlighting Xbox’s continued growth and Microsoft’s ability to diversify and pivot in response to changing market dynamics.

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