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“Final Fantasy 16 DLC Alert: ‘Echoes of the Fallen’ Available Now, ‘Rising Tide’ Coming Spring 2024 at Game Awards 2023!”

Exciting news for Final Fantasy 16 players! Here’s a summary of the recent announcements regarding the game’s DLC:



  1. DLC Releases: Final Fantasy 16 is set to receive two story DLC content packs. The first DLC, titled “Echoes of the Fallen,” has been released, and players can dive into new chapters and experiences. The second DLC, named “The Rising Tide,” is scheduled for a spring 2024 release.
  2. Gameplay Preview: Square Enix and Sony revealed the bonus content during The Game Awards 2023, showcasing new gameplay for both DLCs. The trailers offer a glimpse into the additional challenges, enemies, and locations that players can expect in these expansions.
  3. Story Placement: The new chapters in “Echoes of the Fallen” take place just before the base game’s final battle. Players can anticipate facing new threats and formidable bosses in dark and challenging environments. “The Rising Tide” promises a change of scenery with glowing green fields and unique enemies, including the Tonberry King.
  4. Paid DLC: Both DLC packs are paid content. Square Enix is also offering an Expansion Pass that includes both DLCs at a discounted price, providing players with comprehensive access to the additional content.
  5. Expansion Pass Benefits: Purchasing either “Echoes of the Fallen” or the complete Expansion Pass grants players Cloud Strife’s iconic Buster Sword. Additionally, buyers gain access to the Away (1987) Orchestral Roll, which can be used as background music

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