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Nightmare Kart: From Bloodborne Demake to Legally Distinct Racing Delight

Lilith Walther, known for her remarkable Bloodborne PS1 demake, has been diligently working on her latest project, Nightmare Kart, which was previously titled Bloodborne until Sony intervened. Despite the setback caused by the rebranding process, which required Walther to redesign the game’s characters, Nightmare Kart is now ready for release.

The game, which was originally slated for a January launch, has finally emerged from the delay. With its unique character designs and charming details, Nightmare Kart stands as its own distinct creation. Notably, Walther has injected a considerable amount of content into the game, offering 20 racers, 16 maps, and even a campaign mode complete with boss fights.

What’s more, Nightmare Kart will be available for free on both Steam and, despite its substantial content offering. Walther has gone above and beyond, including her own fursona, Bunlith, as a playable character. Bunlith can be unlocked via cheat code, a nod to the tradition of secret bonus characters in video games.

Throughout the development process, Walther has been transparent about the challenges of making Nightmare Kart legally distinct. She has shared insights into the rebranding process, such as revamping the menu and replacing logos to comply with legal requirements.

Despite the hurdles, Nightmare Kart stands as a testament to Walther’s dedication and passion for game development. With its expansive content and quirky charm, it promises to be a delightful experience for players, all offered for free as a labor of love from Walther and her team.


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