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PlayStation 2 Achieves Monumental Sales Milestone of 160 Million Units Worldwide

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO, Jim Ryan, has officially disclosed that the iconic PlayStation 2 (PS2) has reached an astounding milestone of 160 million units sold globally. Ryan shared this updated figure during a recent discussion on the Official PlayStation Podcast, reflecting on Sony’s legacy and future endeavours.

The PS2’s unparalleled success solidifies its position as the best-selling console of all time, surpassing its closest contenders, the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Switch. Despite being succeeded by newer gaming platforms, the PS2’s enduring popularity and cultural impact continue to resonate with gamers worldwide.

Sony’s confirmation of the PS2’s monumental sales figure comes as Jim Ryan prepares to conclude his illustrious tenure at PlayStation. With Hiroki Totoki poised to assume the role of interim CEO, Ryan’s departure marks the end of a remarkable 30-year journey at Sony’s gaming division.

Ryan’s reflections on PlayStation’s storied history, including his fondness for Grand Theft Auto 3 as his favourite PS2 game, offer a glimpse into the profound influence of the PS2 era on gaming enthusiasts and industry leaders alike.

As the gaming landscape evolves and new milestones are reached, the legacy of the PlayStation 2 remains an enduring testament to Sony’s enduring impact on the world of interactive entertainment.

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