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“The Last Faith – A ‘Braai’ of Bloody Battles and Bizarre Bosses”

If The Last Faith were a braai, it would be like a reliable wors roll—nothing groundbreaking, but it satisfies the gaming hunger. This 2D platformer takes a nostalgic stroll down the non-linear map, offering familiar beats for fans of the genre. It’s that go-to comfort food you enjoy without expecting a gourmet feast.

Act 1: The Familiar Melody The Last Faith plays the hits—2D platforming, expansive maps, and challenging boss fights—all stitched together with a dark, post-apocalyptic narrative. It doesn’t rewrite the gaming anthem; instead, it strums the chords that resonate with fans of the genre. Yet, in this homage, it introduces its own twists, like a repertoire of clever weapons and flashy spells.

Intermezzo: The Ballad of Bewilderment In the narrative journey through snowy cities and cryptic manors, The Last Faith’s story left me with more questions than answers. It starts with the classic trope—some otherworldly power bestowed upon the worst of humanity, leading to chaos. The story’s cryptic nature may appeal to lore enthusiasts, but for me, it was like trying to decipher a recipe without the ingredients.

Crescendo: The Macabre Symphony While The Last Faith borrows inspiration from genre mate Blasphemous, it dances to a different tune. Trading heavy Catholic body horror for a Victorian-era setting, it unleashes blood-starved baddies in a satisfyingly macabre ambiance. The environments, though good, lack the uniqueness to make them memorable. It’s a macabre symphony with fewer standout solos.

Finale: The Harmonious Combat Where The Last Faith strikes a unique chord is in its combat. Offering an array of weapons from standard swords to flamboyant maces, it delivers a symphony of slashes. Experimenting with each weapon’s gimmicks by spending focus adds a layer of fun. However, the game stumbles in allowing players to reorganize stats, limiting experimentation in a post-Elden Ring gaming world.

The Encore: Missed Notes in Magic While spells and firearms add variety, they feel more like optional instruments in the ensemble. Spells lack scaling with strength, making them feel like a sacrifice rather than a strategic choice. Firearms, though present, don’t find a prominent place in the gaming symphony.

The Verdict: A Braai with Familiar Flavors For gamers who’ve savoring titles like Blasphemous 2 or Bloodstained, The Last Faith offers a familiar taste. Navigating through its dungeons and conquering bosses is satisfying, but it doesn’t hit the high notes of genre masterpieces. The spells and weapon collection add spice, but the lack of space for experimentation holds it back. While it’s not the crescendo of the genre, it’s worth a gaming braai if you’re hungry for some reliable action.

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