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EA Launches Global Soft Launch for “Plants vs. Zombies 3: Welcome to Zomburbia”

EA Launches Global Soft Launch for “Plants vs. Zombies 3: Welcome to Zomburbia”

Fans of the popular tower defense game, rejoice! Electronic Arts (EA) has kicked off the global soft launch for “Plants vs. Zombies 3: Welcome to Zomburbia” (PvZ3), allowing players in select countries, including the UK, Netherlands, Australia, Philippines, and Ireland, to get an early taste of the latest installment in this beloved franchise.

PvZ3 maintains its core gameplay dynamics, tasking players with strategically deploying animated plants to fend off waves of relentless zombies. This edition promises a mix of familiar and new characters, bringing a fresh twist to the classic combat style that captured the hearts of millions in the original Plants vs. Zombies.

As the gaming landscape has evolved, so has the monetization model. PvZ3 continues the free-to-play tradition but introduces microtransactions, allowing players to enhance their gaming experience with optional in-game purchases.

The original Plants vs. Zombies, which debuted on PC and Mac in 2009, quickly became a gaming sensation and expanded its reach to various platforms. EA’s acquisition of PopCap Games in 2011 paved the way for Plants vs. Zombies 2, released in 2013, coinciding with the industry-wide shift to a free-to-play model.

While PvZ3 soft-launches globally, EA has expressed its intention to roll out the game to more countries in the future, gathering valuable feedback from players during this initial phase. Fans worldwide can anticipate the full release, eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into the entertaining world of battling plants and zombies once again.

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