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“PS5 ‘Slim’ Dissection: Delving into the Disk Drive Drama with a Teardown”


The PlayStation 5 (PS5) “Slim” model is the best thing since sliced bread. Okay, maybe not sliced bread, but you get the point. It hasn’t officially hit the market yet, but some tech wizards and YouTubers have wrangled this beast, and Dave Lee from the Dave2D channel has given us an up-close look at what makes this sleek machine tick. If you’ve been losing sleep over how the detachable disc drive works, you’re in luck because we’re diving deep into the techy trenches without shelling out $499.99 for the PS5 this month.

So, picture this: Lee pops off the PS5’s plastic side cover, and voilà, you see the disc drive sitting there, held in place by three screws. It’s like a scene from a heist movie, but with fewer lasers and more screwdrivers. Those screws might look intimidating at first, but guess what? They’re just your everyday, run-of-the-mill Phillips head screws, nothing fancier than that. We like our tech accessible and non-fancy, don’t we?

Now, brace yourself because here’s the kicker – Lee just yanks the drive out as if those screws were there for decoration! Talk about sleek modularity; it’s like popping a piece out of a LEGO set, but way cooler.

When Lee gently tugs the drive to the side, we get a glimpse of a connector port framed within an oblong hexagon. It’s the kind of design that deserves a round of applause. No sharp, angular plastic connectors here to stab your fingers – it’s tastefully designed to keep you sweat-free.

With the drive out of the way, we see the new PS5 “Slim” in all its glory, and let’s just say it’s got a Dracula collar vibe going on. It’s like the Dracula of gaming consoles, but without the neck-biting and more of the gaming fun. And here’s a surprise: when Lee places the “Slim” next to the original PS5, the size difference is like seeing a large pizza next to a small one. It’s still bigger than the Xbox Series X, but let’s not burst the “Slim’s” bubble.

Now here’s the plot twist – Lee claims it feels significantly lighter, perfect for your PS5’s daily jog or those casual visits to your gamer friend’s place. It’s a workout buddy and a gaming console in one!

In a world where technology can often be as perplexing as quantum physics, the PS5 “Slim” gives us a moment of pure simplicity by making that seemingly intricate process of accessing the disc drive feel as effortless as plucking a daisy. And if you want the full teardown experience, you can watch the complete video for a closer look.

But if you’re craving something with a different flavor, there’s always Linus Tech Tips, serving up a tech platter with a dash of humor and a side of geekery.


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