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Bimota Remains Committed to Combustion Engines, Cautious on Electric

Bimota Remains Committed to Combustion Engines, Cautious on Electric

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota, which has a 49.9% stake owned by Kawasaki, has expressed its commitment to combustion engines, citing a focus on high-performance bikes. Key points include:

  1. Limitation on Electric: Bimota’s Chief Operating Officer, Pierluigi Marconi, emphasized the company’s stance on electric motorcycles, stating that their point of view is limited to around 20 kW (approximately 26 bhp). He mentioned that Bimota is not interested in making a 20 kW motorcycle, as the brand is known for high-performance bikes.
  2. Concerns About High Voltage: Marconi expressed concerns about the use of high voltage in electric motorcycles, highlighting potential safety issues. He suggested that high-voltage electric powertrains could be dangerous, and Bimota remains cautious about adopting such technologies.
  3. No Current Electric Models: As of now, Bimota has not produced any electric vehicles. Marconi indicated that the decision to explore electric options in the future would depend on how the technology evolves, emphasizing the importance of ensuring safety.
  4. Possible Use of ZX-10R Engine: In response to questions about using Kawasaki’s 210.3 bhp ZX-10R four-cylinder engine for a Bimota superbike, Marconi stated that if they use the ZX-10R engine, it would likely be for racing purposes. However, he emphasized the need to build a network before engaging in racing activities to ensure effective sales and support.
  5. Step-by-Step Approach: Marconi highlighted the importance of taking a step-by-step approach for Bimota’s future plans, including racing. Building a network is a priority before engaging in racing activities to ensure proper infrastructure for sales and support.

Bimota’s cautious approach to electric motorcycles aligns with the brand’s focus on high-performance combustion engine bikes. While the motorcycle industry is seeing an increasing interest in electric and hybrid solutions, Bimota appears to be carefully evaluating its options while maintaining its commitment to combustion engine performance.

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