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Kymco Revs Up Security: Free Datatool Motorcycle Security for Two- and Four-Wheeled Models!

Introduction: In a groundbreaking move for rider security, Kymco has unveiled an enticing sales incentive that puts safety in the driver’s seat. Buyers of Kymco’s impressive array of two- and four-wheeled products will now enjoy the added benefit of Datatool motorcycle security, provided free of charge. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative partnership and how it’s set to redefine the safety standards in the world of Kymco.


Security at the Forefront: Kymco, a name synonymous with quality and innovation, is taking a giant leap in prioritizing rider security. The new sales incentive ensures that customers investing in Kymco’s diverse range of bikes, from affordable geared 125s to the premium AK550 maxi scooter, will receive Datatool motorcycle security at no extra cost. With the exception of the electric I-One, all Kymco models are included in this security package.

A Win-Win for Riders: Neil Keeble, Kymco’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, expressed the company’s enthusiasm about the strengthened partnership with Datatool. The initiative aims to provide Kymco customers with not just a mode of transportation but a comprehensive security solution for peace of mind. The collaboration promises to benefit customers not only in terms of enhanced security but also potential insurance benefits.

Comprehensive Security Package: New Kymco owners will be treated to a robust security package, including a free Datatool Stealth Tracker, requiring a subscription, and a DNA Security Marking System treatment priced at £39.99. The DNA Security Marking System involves the application of microdots, each matching a Datatool national database. In the unfortunate event of theft, this system serves as proof of ownership, making it significantly challenging for thieves to sell the stolen vehicle.

Setting New Standards: Kymco’s proactive approach to security makes them the first motorcycle manufacturer to integrate Datatool’s innovative DNA Security Marking System as standard fitment on all their petrol-powered products. The move underscores Kymco’s commitment to rider safety and sets a new benchmark in model security.

Conclusion: As Kymco takes the lead in prioritizing rider security, this partnership with Datatool marks a significant stride towards a safer riding experience. For Kymco enthusiasts, it’s not just about owning a dynamic two- or four-wheeled marvel; it’s about embracing a comprehensive security solution that reflects the brand’s dedication to customer well-being. In the ever-evolving landscape of motorcycle technology, Kymco is not just keeping pace; they’re setting new standards in security. Ride on with confidence, Kymco aficionados – your safety is in good hands! #KymcoSecurityRevolution #DatatoolSafetyPartner #RideWithConfidence

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