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Langen Unleashes the LightSpeed LS12: A £44,440 Power-Cruiser that’s Slimming Down Superbikes!

In a world where motorcycles are often divided into categories like “street” and “track,” Langen Motorcycles is here to blur the lines and redefine what it means to cruise with power. Three years after wowing the world with their first act, the Two Stroke, Langen is back, and this time, they’ve swapped the nostalgic vibes for a beast of an entirely different breed – the Langen LightSpeed LS12. Brace yourselves, because this carbon-clad, steel-tubular-framed, 1190cc V-twin powerhouse is not your average joyride.

The Evolution: Two Stroke to LS12

Remember the Two Stroke? Langen’s first creation was like the rebellious teenager of the motorcycle world, screaming its presence with a 250cc two-stroke engine. But now, Langen has gone full adulting with the LightSpeed LS12. This limited-edition, £44,440 beauty is a far cry from its predecessor, proving that Langen’s vision extends beyond the confines of retro roadsters.

The LightSpeed LS12: A Power-Cruiser Extravaganza

Hold on to your handlebars because the LightSpeed LS12 isn’t just a bike; it’s a statement. With a carbon-clad exterior and a steel-tubular frame, this V-twin marvel packs a punch with a claimed 185bhp – a number that puts even Ducati’s Diavel V4 super-cruiser on a diet. The best part? It weighs just as much as your grandma’s antique teapot – a mere 185kg (dry), giving it a claimed one-to-one power-to-weight ratio (1000bhp per tonne). Move over, superbikes; there’s a new lightweight champ in town.

Engineering Marvels and Weight Loss Magic

Langen didn’t just throw some fancy materials together and call it a day. CEO Chris Ratcliffe spills the beans on the LightSpeed’s secret recipe – carbon fiber everywhere, CNC machined components, and wheels so light they practically float. It’s like Langen raided the garage of a mad scientist and emerged with the ultimate power-cruiser formula.

According to Chris, they aimed to shave off 30-40kg compared to the nearest competitor, possibly the Diavel. Why? Because in Langen’s world, light weight isn’t just a preference; it’s a religion. The result? A bike that’s not just a Sunday cruiser but a long-distance companion for trips to the Alps. Comfort and usability meet superbike performance in a union that’s as unlikely as finding a Yeti at a beach party.

The Heart of the Matter: Buell’s ET-V2 Engine with a Langen Twist

The LightSpeed LS12 doesn’t just rely on looks and lightweight charm. Under its carbon-clad exterior lies Buell’s ET-V2 engine, harnessed by Langen’s own ECU wizardry. Ride-by-wire Bosch throttle, custom intake trumpets, and a character that’s as unique as a unicorn at a petting zoo – this bike is a V-twin symphony with a twist.

Simplicity in a Digital Age

While the LightSpeed boasts a digital dash with the essentials, Langen is proud of its simplicity. Chris Ratcliffe declares, “It’s just about the engine, geometry, and the rider – the whole bike is simplified, just one round dial telling you what you need to know. It’s man and machine, no frills attached.”

Reserved for the Brave: £44,440 and a Vision Beyond the Horizon

Ready to join the LightSpeed revolution? Langen officially launches the LS12 at Motorcycle Live on November 20, inviting potential owners to reserve one of the 185 build slots at with a £1000 refundable deposit. Bikes are set to hit the streets in 2025, and with a price tag of £44,440, this power-cruiser is reserved for those who dare to dream beyond the horizon.

V is for Vision – and V-Max

Langen’s journey from the Two Stroke to the LightSpeed LS12 is more than just a motorcycle metamorphosis. CEO Chris Ratcliffe spills the beans on how his love affair with a Yamaha V-Max paved the way for the LS12 – a bike that corrects the imperfections of its predecessor and sets a new standard for power-cruisers.

In Ratcliffe’s words, “I had to retire my V-Max a good few years ago because it’s just long in the tooth and needs a full nut-and-bolt restoration. In fact, my wife jokes that it was easier for me to set up a new company and make a brand new version of the bike than restore the one I’ve actually got in the garage! And it’s absolutely true, because that’s what happened!”

Langen has turned a love story into a power-cruiser saga, and the LightSpeed LS12 is the hero we didn’t know we needed. So, if you’re ready to ride the wave of British innovation and power, strap in, because Langen’s LightSpeed LS12 is coming, and it’s bringing a storm with it.


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