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Langen’s Global Ambitions: V-Twin Powerhouse LightSpeed LS12 Ready to Roar Worldwide

Langen, the renowned British purveyor of Two Stroke café racers, is set to make global waves with their upcoming creation – the V-twin powerhouse known as LightSpeed LS12. Unlike its predecessor, the £44,440 LS12 muscle cruiser won’t be confined to the UK roads. This bruiser, based on Buell’s 1190cc ET-V2 V-twin, boasts a claimed 185bhp within a svelte 185kg dry weight package.

Limited to an initial run of 185 builds, the LS12 aims to conquer global markets after meeting the stringent Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval (MSVA) test in the UK. Chris Ratcliffe, founder of Langen, expressed excitement about the LS12’s reception, comparing it to the acclaim received by the Two Stroke.

With an eye on global expansion, Ratcliffe stated, “We’ve been designing this with global type approval in mind, so come 2026, 2027 we’ll be looking to deliver around the world from a batch of around 370-400 bikes.” Langen is currently gauging interest for export market machines and establishing a UK service network. Expressions of interest are being welcomed, and Langen aims to ramp up production to meet the demand.

As the LS12 sets its sights on conquering foreign lands, Langen’s existing Two Stroke models are still in the limelight. With a few build slots remaining for the Two Stroke scheduled for autumn next year, Langen is not only breaking new ground but also keeping the spirit of their iconic creations alive. Ratcliffe shared his enthusiasm, emphasizing that customer feedback and the thrill of seeing Langen bikes in action fuel their relentless pursuit of excellence. The roar of the LS12, soon to reverberate across the globe, is poised to be the next chapter in Langen’s storied legacy.

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