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Revolutionizing Road Safety: Devon and Cornwall Police Introduce Motorcycle Simulator for Hazard Perception Training


  • Devon and Cornwall Police’s innovative motorcycle simulator aims to reduce accident rates among bikers by providing hazard perception training.
  • The simulator, part of the national Project ‘Apex’ initiative, is the first of its kind in the UK and offers immersive hazard awareness scenarios.
  • Equipped with a Honda CB500X and custom software, the simulator replicates real-life riding experiences, aiding in skill development without exposing users to actual risks.

In a groundbreaking move to enhance road safety, Devon and Cornwall Police have launched a pioneering motorcycle simulator designed to deliver hazard perception training for bikers. Here’s a closer look at this innovative initiative:

  1. Addressing Alarming Statistics: With motorcyclists constituting a disproportionate number of road deaths, Devon and Cornwall Police are responding to this concerning trend by introducing advanced training methods to improve rider awareness and skills.
  2. Revolutionary Simulation Technology: The motorcycle simulator, part of the national Project ‘Apex’ initiative, is the first of its kind in the UK. Housed within a van for mobility, it utilizes a Honda CB500X and custom software to simulate real-life riding scenarios, including various weather conditions and road environments.
  3. Immersive Learning Experience: Riders aged 16 and over can access the simulator, which offers a realistic riding experience with responsive controls, surround sound, and immersive visuals. Multiple scenarios with different complexities allow users to hone their hazard perception skills in a safe environment.
  4. Partnership for Progress: Supported by Vision Zero South West and various educational institutions and public events, the simulator will be deployed across Devon and Cornwall. Feedback from users will contribute to refining the training program and assessing the simulator’s effectiveness in reducing accidents.

Through initiatives like the motorcycle simulator, Devon and Cornwall Police are leading the charge in promoting safer road practices and empowering bikers with essential skills to navigate hazardous conditions effectively. As the simulator rolls out to colleges and public events, it heralds a new era of proactive road safety measures aimed at saving lives and preventing accidents.

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