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Super Granny Becci Ellis Shatters Speed Records on ‘Turbo Granny’ Suzuki Haybusa

In the world of speed demons and adrenaline junkies, it’s not every day you come across a Scunthorpe-based company secretary who also happens to be a speed queen on two wheels. But that’s precisely the story of Becci Ellis, the 56-year-old speedster who recently blew everyone’s minds by setting the record for the fastest top speed on a naked bike. Get ready to buckle up (or in Becci’s case, helmet up) for a wild ride through her incredible journey!

The ‘Turbo Granny’ Triumphs

Imagine zipping down the asphalt at a mind-boggling 231.389 miles per hour on a naked bike. Now, picture this: it’s Becci Ellis, and her trusty steed isn’t just any bike—it’s a modified 1999 Suzuki Haybusa called ‘Odyssey.’ Yes, you heard that right, a Hayabusa.

Setting the stage for her epic run, Odyssey’s transformation didn’t come cheap. It cost a whopping £24,000 to build this turbo-charged missile, not to mention the two years of labor that went into its creation. With 28 pounds of boost, this beast was pushing out somewhere around 350 horsepower, which is more power than your average rocket. Becci’s Odyssey was practically a rocket on two wheels.

A Hair-Raising Adventure

Becci, with her feet firmly planted on the pegs and her hands gripping the handlebars, described the experience like no other: “During the actual run, my head is literally where the eye line is just at the top of the clocks. I couldn’t get any lower; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to see, but the pressure on your shoulders is quite a lot.” It’s a good thing her helmet was strapped on, and she didn’t need to worry about the wind messing up her hair.

Becci humorously shared, “Whether it’s because I’m an old bugger, I don’t know, but I’m still feeling it!” She quipped, “Even when it’s fully faired, the adrenaline that you’ve got keeps you going; it pushes you along, and you don’t notice any pain until you’re finished.” So, there you have it folks – the secret to eternal youth: chasing land-speed records on a Hayabusa.

Saturday, the Day of Destiny

Becci’s record-breaking feat took place on a fateful Saturday, the 23rd of September, at Elvington in Yorkshire. This was the very same venue where she achieved 264.1mph over a standing mile back in 2014, earning herself the title of the fastest female rider in the world. When asked about her motivation, she explained, “I wanted to be able to go as fast as I possibly could without any restrictions. People think ‘bloody hell, 56, shouldn’t you be coming on to retirement age?’ but I’m not like that. I don’t act that way, I’m not that way, and I don’t look that way. It’s what I am, and it’s who I am.”

Gone With the Wind

The previous record, set in 2015 by Evelyn Scholz, stood at 211.398mph at Bonneville Salt Flats over a flying mile. Becci’s record-breaking run was her second high-speed attempt on that day. She shared, “The acceleration at the beginning is pretty much similar to what I’ve got before. You don’t really feel anything until you’re actually at full pelt, to be honest.”

“But I did feel that my head may well have not been low enough because towards the end of the run, I was wishing that it was over because my neck was being pushed back quite severely.”

And there you have it, the hilarious yet awe-inspiring tale of Becci Ellis, the “Turbo Granny” who shattered records and age stereotypes while defying gravity on her Suzuki Hayabusa. It goes to show, you’re never too old to chase your dreams, even if those dreams happen to involve hurtling down the highway at speeds that would leave most of us questioning our life choices. Cheers to Becci and her indomitable spirit!

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