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T&D: Empowering the Electric Revolution in Motorcycling

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, T&D emerges as a trailblazer, envisioning itself as a key player in propelling motorcycles through the electric revolution. While T&D might not be a household name yet, their innovative approach to electric powertrain solutions is making waves. At this year’s Motorcycle Live, attendees might have experienced the future of electric motorcycling without even realizing it, thanks to T&D’s comprehensive and unique powertrain systems.

A Comprehensive Powertrain Solution: What sets T&D apart is their holistic approach to electric powertrains. Unlike other manufacturers focusing on individual components like motors or controllers, T&D offers a complete system that includes the motor, battery, controller, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and charger. Notably, they have developed five distinct systems catering to various electric motorcycle types: off-road, moped/scooter, sports, touring, and indoor entertainment.

The One-Stop Supply Chain: T&D positions itself as a “one-stop supply chain,” providing partners with more than just integrated products. From initial project discussions to the completion of the ecosystem, T&D offers a responsive, detail-focused service. Partners benefit from a seamless, intercompatible system, eliminating the need to source different powertrain components from multiple suppliers. Additionally, T&D’s exemplary after-sales model ensures continuous technical support, adapting to the constant march of technology and innovation.

Decades of Expertise: Drawing heavily on the expertise of sister brand Bafang, with two decades of experience in drive systems development for the e-bike sector, T&D places a strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and inter-compatibility. Each component undergoes rigorous engineering, tailored to specific usage scenarios, ensuring a harmonious and enjoyable rider experience.

Riding the Future: T&D made history at this year’s Motorcycle Live by hosting the first public test rides of motorcycles equipped with their revolutionary systems. The positive reception has led to collaborations with various motorcycle brands and developers seeking innovative, dependable, and affordable motion sources. With a firm belief in the widespread adoption of electric motorcycles, T&D envisions becoming the driving force behind this transformative movement. As the future of motorcycling unfolds, T&D invites enthusiasts to switch on to a whole new and electrifying biking experience. Explore more at today.

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