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Triumph’s 2024 Tiger 1200: An Adventure Bike Glow-Up!


Refinement, Roars, and a Whole Lot of Tiger Stripes.

Triumph, the legendary motorcycle brand, is shaking things up in 2024 with a major facelift for their Tiger 1200 adventure bike range. Say hello to the road-ready GT Pro, the rugged Rally Pro, and an extra-juiced Explorer trim with a fuel tank that’s hungrier than your friend at an all-you-can-eat buffet – now a whopping 30 liters!

Having sold over 14,000 of these mighty Tigers since 2021, Triumph claims the new versions are a result of customer feedback. Apparently, riders wanted more refinement, comfort, and ease of use – because who wouldn’t want their adventure to be more luxurious than a spa day?

Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer, shares, “Our world-class engineering team is always looking for new ways to refine and enhance every model. Because let’s face it, riding a Tiger should feel like taming a luxurious beast, not wrestling with a wild animal.”

So, what’s under the hood of these upgraded Tigers? Well, the 1160cc T-plane three-cylinder engine is back, now with a few tweaks. Triumph swears it’s not just for emissions – it’s about achieving a smoother and more precise low-down torque delivery. Stuart Wood, Triumph’s Chief Engineer, explains, “We’ve got a 9.1% increase in engine inertia, but don’t worry, it won’t make your commute feel like a slow-motion action movie. It’s all about refinement – like adding a touch of caviar to your daily ride.”

And if you’ve ever struggled with the initial click into first gear, fear not! The clutch has been given a makeover to make that first gear engagement as smooth as spreading butter on a warm toast.

But it’s not all about the engine; Triumph wants you to feel like royalty while riding. The handlebars now come with dampening technology, reducing vibrations and making your mirrors clearer than your vision after a good night’s sleep.

For those who like to lean into their adventures, the GT models have repositioned footpegs for greater angles. The seat has a flatter profile, giving riders more space and comfort – perfect for when you’re conquering miles like a two-wheeled superhero.

And speaking of superheroes, Triumph introduces the ‘Active Preload Reduction’ feature. It drops the seat by 20mm when coming to a stop for a firmer footing. A superhero landing, anyone?

Tech-wise, Triumph continues to impress with a rear-facing radar system for blind-spot detection, a TFT dash that’s more connected than your Wi-Fi, and up to six riding modes because variety is the spice of life. And for those chilly adventures, the Explorer models come with heated grips and a heated seat – because who said adventure can’t be cozy?

With three color schemes for the GT variants and three more for the Rally, these bikes are not just about performance; they’re about making a style statement. And when can you get your hands on these upgraded beasts? March 2024, my friends!

In conclusion, Triumph’s 2024 Tiger 1200 range isn’t just a motorcycle upgrade; it’s a declaration of war on boring rides. So, buckle up, gearheads, because these Tigers are ready to pounce into the future, leaving a trail of laughter and tire marks behind. Triumph, take a bow – or should we say, take a ride into the sunset with your roaring Tiger 1200! 🐯✨

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