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Local Debut of GWM P500 Bakkie and Tank 500 set for Nampo

GWM is set to make a significant impact at the 2024 NAMPO event, presenting its latest lineup of vehicles tailored to the needs of farmers and rural communities in South Africa. This premier agricultural exhibition has grown from its origins as a forum for maize farmers into a comprehensive showcase of farming technology, machinery, and livestock breeding, attracting tens of thousands of attendees annually.

At NAMPO, GWM will unveil its latest offerings, including the P500 bakkie, TANK 500 SUV, and the new Jolion SUV. This marks the first time that all GWM vehicles, including the HAVAL, TANK, and ORA models, will be showcased together under the GWM brand. With around 50,000 farmers attending the event from across South Africa and beyond, NAMPO provides an ideal platform for GWM to introduce its new vehicles and highlight its evolution over the years.

The P500 bakkie, positioned as a contender in South Africa’s light commercial vehicle segment, offers four-wheel drive and a choice between turbodiesel or petrol hybrid powertrains. Similarly, the TANK 500 SUV features a seven-seater layout, advanced transmission technology, and all-wheel drive capabilities, making it suitable for various rural applications.

The new Jolion SUV stands out with its stylish design and hybrid advantage, appealing to farmers with its sporty aesthetic and fuel efficiency. Alongside these newcomers, GWM will showcase its existing lineup, including the full range of P-Series bakkies, the TANK 300 SUV, and the ORA 03 electric vehicle.

Overall, NAMPO attendees can expect to see a diverse range of GWM vehicles, reflecting the brand’s commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of South Africa’s farming community.

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