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BMW M3 CSL E46 Leaves Millionaires Dreaming at Auction – And That’s Not All!

Hello there, car aficionados and casual observers alike, and welcome to the incredible world of classic car auctions, where dreams are made, records are shattered, and wallets are left lighter than a helium balloon in a windstorm!

Rev Up the Engines: The Creative Rides Classic & Collectibles Auctions Unleashed!

You’d better believe it, because the Creative Rides Classic & Collectibles Auctions recently put on a show that sent shockwaves through the South African collector car market. CEO Kevin Derrick couldn’t hide his glee as he announced that the event’s grand total reached a jaw-dropping R100 million! That’s right, folks, we’re talking about a truckload of cash spent on everything from vintage gems to modern marvels.

Bidding Wars That Rivalled a Soap Opera

Now, picture this: two days of intense, heart-pounding bidding wars. Car enthusiasts from all corners of Gauteng, and even international collectors who participated via digital live stream, fought tooth and nail to take home their dream machines. If we had to name this event, we’d call it “The Real Housewives of Auto Auctions.”

Let’s Talk About the Four Hottest Rides

It wouldn’t be a record-breaking auction without some absolute stunners stealing the show. Brace yourselves for the big four that broke the R2 million mark!

1. 1964 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Series 1 – R2,375,000

Meet the car that even Enzo Ferrari himself hailed as the most beautiful thing he’d ever laid eyes on! The Jaguar E-Type Series 1 is a rolling piece of art that left bidders in awe, painting the auction with a coat of excitement and R2,375,000 price tag.

2. BMW M3 CSL E46 – R2,350,000

Hailing from the modern classics department, this 2005 BMW M3 CSL E46 became a collector’s dream. Only 65 of these beauties ever graced South African roads, and one lucky buyer snagged the 14th unit with a mere 26,682 km on the odometer. The price? R2,350,000. Yep, they’d probably sell their grandmother’s cookie recipe for another chance at that one.

3. 1963 Corvette C2 Split Window Coupé – R2,300,000

This ’63 Corvette is so rare, it’s like spotting a unicorn on a hotdog stand! With only 10,594 Split Window Coupés produced, it’s no wonder this gem fetched R2,300,000. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s also a Stingray!

4. 2007 Porsche GT3 RS 997 – R2,000,000

Porsche lovers, prepare to drool! This six-speed wonder, with less than 44,000 km on the clock, reached a staggering R2,000,000. It’s like having a time machine that can take you straight to the Autobahn.

Surprises That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

Not all the action was about million-rand-plus rides. In a surprising twist, a 1991 Opel Kadett Superboss broke records by going for R555,000! Yes, you read that right, a Kadett. This Superboss wasn’t just any Opel; it was a rare homologation car designed to challenge the mighty BMW 325is. The auction turned into a battle royale with serious contenders throwing R55,000 increments to finally crown a buyer in Johannesburg.

Not Your Grandma’s BMW: 1991 BMW 325iS Evo2 – R950,000

It was less surprising but equally heartwarming to see a 1991 BMW 325iS Evo2 go for R950,000. The Gusheshe, as it’s affectionately known, proved that collectors still have a soft spot for this South African legend.

A Ford Capri That’s Worth Every Penny: V8 Ford Capri Perana

Let’s not forget the R800,000 hammer drop for a V8 Ford Capri Perana. This beauty was no stranger to the auction house, and its price just keeps climbing, demonstrating the investment value of collector cars.

More Surprises and Familiar Names

And the surprises kept coming, with a 2012 BMW 1M and a 2013 BMW M3 Frozen E92 each selling for R830,000. As for our American cousins, they brought a 1965 Ford Mustang GT350 Restomod to the party, which found a new owner for a cool R1,400,000. So, who says American muscle can’t join the South African classic car fiesta?

In conclusion, this auction was like a real-life Fast and Furious movie, minus the gravity-defying stunts (or maybe just slightly less). South African collectors have shown their passion for both the legendary and the unexpected, and the classic car market has never looked this exciting. So, whether you’re after a vintage Jag, a collector’s BMW, or a surprise find like the Superboss, there’s something for everyone in the world of classic cars. Happy hunting, and may your engines roar with delight!

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