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Cape Town E-Prix Misses Out on 2024 Formula E Calendar Despite 2023 Fan Acclaim

The Cape Town E-Prix, despite securing the title of E-Prix of 2023 through fan voting, has not been included in the Formula E 2024 calendar. The absence, confirmed despite a capacity crowd and fan enthusiasm, has stirred disappointment. Iain Banner, Chairman of Formula E Cape Town, expressed optimism for a comeback in 2025, following discussions for a multi-year deal that could pave the way for the city’s return.

The Current 2024 Formula E Calendar:

The Formula E 2024 season is set to span various cities, including Mexico City, Diriyah, Hyderabad, São Paulo, Tokyo, Monaco, Berlin, Shanghai, Portland, and London. However, Cape Town is notably absent from the lineup.

Financial Hurdles Lead to Exclusion:

Despite having a completed track and no significant infrastructure obstacles for hosting a sequel to the successful 2023 Cape Town E-Prix, financial constraints have reportedly played a decisive role in the city’s exclusion. According to a reliable source affiliated with the event, the local funding fell short of the cash required to meet the financial criteria set by the FIA for hosting the race series in 2024. The first event, held at a discounted rate, was contingent on meeting the financial requirements for subsequent seasons, which proved unfeasible.

Impact on Prioritizing Funding over Enthusiasm:

The decision to exclude Cape Town, despite its popularity and fan engagement, has sparked disappointment. The FIA’s prioritization of funding over crowd attendance and enthusiasm has raised questions about the balance between financial considerations and the vibrant reception the event received in Cape Town. Despite the setback for 2024, hopes remain high for a return in 2025 with the prospect of a multi-year deal.

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