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Chelsea Truck Company Elevates the Ineos Grenadier with Exclusive Styling Package

The Chelsea Truck Company, renowned for its distinctive styling updates to various 4×4 SUVs, has unveiled an exclusive new package for the Ineos Grenadier. Known for transforming the Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler, and Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the British marque now turns its attention to the rugged Ineos Grenadier, adding unique flair and enhanced capabilities.

Transformative Design

The new package aims to “transform” and “elevate” the Grenadier’s rugged styling, according to Chelsea Truck Company. Key features include:

  • Upgraded Wheels: The Grenadier’s original wheels are replaced with either 18- or 20-inch RS-forged alloys, housed in extended wheel arches. These wheels are wrapped in thick rubber, maintaining the vehicle’s off-road prowess.
  • Revised Front Grille: A redesigned front grille enhances the Grenadier’s aggressive look.
  • Roof-Mounted Rear Wing: Adds a sporty touch while maintaining functional aerodynamics.
  • Twin Exhaust System: Features Chelsea Truck Company’s signature crosshair tailpipes, providing a distinctive look and sound.

Enhancing Off-Road Capabilities

Chelsea Truck Company’s package doesn’t just focus on aesthetics. The RS-forged alloy wheels and thick rubber tires ensure the Grenadier retains its off-road capability, making it ready for any terrain. The extended wheel arches provide additional protection and a more robust stance, while the twin exhaust system not only looks good but is built to withstand rigorous off-road conditions.

A Nod to the Legacy

This latest offering from Chelsea Truck Company pays homage to the brand’s tradition of enhancing off-road legends. By applying their signature touch to the Ineos Grenadier, they continue to set new standards in SUV customization. The Grenadier, already known for its rugged durability and off-road performance, is further refined with these exclusive updates, making it a standout both on and off the road.


The Chelsea Truck Company’s exclusive package for the Ineos Grenadier is set to captivate SUV enthusiasts looking for a unique blend of style and substance. With its enhanced design and maintained off-road capabilities, the Grenadier becomes not just a vehicle but a statement.

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