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Foton Confirms Launch Date for New Bakkie in SA

Foton is gearing up to make a significant impact on the South African automotive market with the launch of its new range of light commercial vehicles (LCVs). Teaming up with Combined Motor Holdings Limited (CMH) Group as the exclusive distributor, Foton is set to introduce its diverse LCV portfolio on June 25, 2024.

The lineup includes models such as the Tunland, Miler, View, eTruckmate, and the eAumark, with each model emphasizing performance, safety, and sustainability. Foton aims to provide unmatched accessibility and service to customers through its extensive network of 40 strategically placed dealerships across the country.

Marius Smal, CEO of Foton SA, highlights the importance of this dealer network in ensuring convenient access to sales, maintenance, and support services, thereby fostering lasting relationships built on trust and reliability. Leveraging CMH Group’s expertise and resources, Foton aims to elevate its brand presence in South Africa and tap into exciting opportunities for consumers.

Additionally, Foton emphasizes its commitment to after-sales service by operating a state-of-the-art parts warehouse through Mandarin Parts Distributors (PTY) Ltd, ensuring efficient handling of service needs. The signing ceremony attended by key stakeholders sets the stage for a promising partnership focused on excellence and success.

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