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GWM Ora 03: Electric Avenue to Luxury—Fasten Your Seatbelts!

Rev up your electric dreams, folks, because GWM is rolling out the Ora 03, also known as the Good Cat or Funky Cat (because nothing says ‘funky’ like a cat, right?). This hatchback EV, styled by ex-Porsche designer Emanuel Derta, is like a blast from the past, reminding us of the days when boutique hatchbacks ruled the South African roads – think R56 Mini Cooper and Citroen DS3, but with a futuristic twist.

Now, let’s break down the 300 Super Luxury model, the cheapest EV officially on sale in Mzansi. It’s got a permanent magnet synchronous front engine that’s practically a wizard under the hood, churning out 126 kW of power and 250 N.m of torque. It sips on electrons with a fuel consumption of 16.7 kWh/100 km and boasts a range of 310 km. And hey, it can comfortably seat five, but fair warning, your luggage might need to get cozy in the 228-liter (claimed) or 152-liter (tested) boot space.

Step inside, and you’ll find a cockpit that’s fancier than your grandma’s Sunday china. Soft-touch surfaces, shiny chrome trim, and a dual-screen that’s not just for show – it moonlights as both digital instruments and infotainment. The upholstery? Two-tone, because the Ora 03 is not just a car; it’s a fashion statement.

But wait, there’s more! The Ora 03 is not just about looking pretty; it’s got the moves too. The 300 Super Luxury gracefully dances on retro-styled five-spoke alloy wheels and boasts a range that’ll make your EV neighbor jealous. It’s got a lithium-ion phosphate battery that promises 310 km of pure electric joy.

Now, let’s talk rivals. Mini’s got an EV Cooper, but it’ll cost you an arm and a charging cable at R783 500. Volvo’s got the EX30 Core Single Motor, but it’s playing in a different price league at R775 900. The Ora 03? It’s the affordable cool kid in the EV block.

But how does it drive, you ask? Well, buckle up, because we took this electric charmer for a spin from the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit to the V8 Roadhouse in Hartbeespoort. The Ora showed off excellent road manners, and the suspension soaked up bumps like a sponge. Driving modes? Check. One-pedal driving? Double-check. It even aced GWM’s economy challenge – because who said electric cars can’t be thrifty?

And the surprise? The Ora felt right at home on the racetrack. Yes, you read that correctly. It braked, turned, and even flirted with a bit of understeer, proving that this EV is not just about saving the planet; it’s about having a blast while doing it.

In conclusion, the GWM Ora 03 is like the Cinderella of the EV world – all dressed up with premium features and a range that won’t leave you stranded. Sure, it might be a bit out of reach for the average South African wallet, but GWM is making strides to make EV motoring more accessible. So, if you’re ready to ride the electric avenue to luxury, hop on board the Ora 03 – because it’s not just a car; it’s a mighty effort from GWM!

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