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he Hydrogen Hilux Hijinks: An Outrageously Efficient Journey From SA to the UK!

Hello there, eco-conscious gearheads and fans of futuristic rides! We’ve got some seriously electrifying news straight from the automotive realm. A few weeks ago, Toyota UK whipped the covers off their spanking new hydrogen-powered Hilux. And, guess what? The origins of this zero-emissions bakkie trace back to the wild and wonderful world of South Africa. Our digital detective, Alex Shahini, sat down with the Toyota SA Motors CEO, the one and only Andrew Kirby, for an exclusive scoop on this electrifying adventure.

Hydro-Genius Revelations!

So, picture this: Andrew Kirby, the head honcho of Toyota South Africa Motors, spilled the beans on the fact that this hydrogen Hilux sensation had its baby steps right there in sunny South Africa. They churned out ten prototypes for some good ol’ fashioned R&D, and the action went down in Toyota’s Prospecton Plant. Then, they shipped these automotive pioneers off to begin their rigorous testing extravaganza. But hold your horses; there’s a juicy twist!

South Africa’s Automotive Masterpiece

Mr. Kirby let the cat out of the bag, and it turns out that South Africa wasn’t just any sidekick in this automotive escapade. “South Africa exports to the UK anyway,” Kirby chuckled, “so we decided to toss them a bone with the base vehicle. We jazzed it up with a few nifty customizations and sent our fine folks across the pond to help with the conversion shindig. They handled all the tinkering and engineering jazz, and once it’s been through the production mill, we might consider importing it.” Talk about international collaboration, right?

The Grand Hydrogen Heist

Kirby didn’t stop there; he hinted that the arrival of this bad boy depends on how the local market feels about it. If South African giants like Sasol and Air Products keep riding the hydrogen wave and nurturing the ecosystem, there’s a tantalizing possibility that the NEV bakkie could grace our local roads. But let’s not forget; Toyota didn’t put these Hydrogen Hilux models through the wringer just for fun. They’ve survived rigorous testing, crash-testing (we can only imagine the explosions), and even customer drives. In other words, they’re not joking around!

To Infinity and Beyond (Or Just Around the Block)

Now, let’s talk turkey, or should we say, hydrogen? Kirby explained the perks of this hydrogen marvel. “One kg of hydrogen is equivalent to 7.5 kg of fuel in terms of energy,” he said, winking at a greener future. “If we can get the price of hydrogen below $2 per kg, then we’re talking about R39 or R40 per kilogram for hydrogen, and that’s enough to cruise 100 km.” Vroom-vroom!

Savings, Savings Everywhere!

Hold your horses, diesel enthusiasts! Here’s a staggering revelation – at today’s fuel prices in South Africa, a diesel-powered double cab Hilux with an average fuel consumption of 7.3 L/100 km would set you back upwards of R180 to travel the same distance. With the Hydrogen Hilux, you’d be singing “Penny Pincher’s Paradise” to the tune of the new era, with seriously slashed operating and maintenance costs.

So there you have it, folks, the hydrogen-powered Hilux is poised to take the automotive world by storm, and it all started right here in South Africa! Whether you’re a fleet owner, an eco-warrior, or just someone who loves a good laugh and a greener world, the Hydrogen Hilux is the ride to keep your eyes on. It’s the hydrogen-powered adventure that began in the heart of SA, and who knows where it’ll go next? Stay tuned for more electrifying developments, and let’s ride into the future together!

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