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Revving Up the Electric Revolution: Mercedes-Benz SA Drops R40 Million on Charging Stations!

Buckle up, folks, because Mercedes-Benz South Africa is about to give the term “electric avenue” a whole new meaning. In a shockingly generous move (pun intended), the luxury car giant has announced a whopping R40 million investment in zappy infrastructure. That’s right, they’re charging ahead with a plan to sprinkle 127 Mercedes-Benz EQ branded charging stations across the sunny plains of South Africa.



Why? Well, it turns out Mercedes-Benz SA is not just in the business of making sleek, envy-inducing cars; they’re on a mission to create a charging network that makes Elon Musk’s Tesla quiver in its electric boots. The plan is simple yet electrifying – partner up with Chargify, because who needs a superhero when you can have a Chargify?

But wait, there’s more! The whole shebang is divided into two phases, like a blockbuster movie. In Phase One, which sounds like a Marvel title, they aim to set up 67 charging stations by the first quarter of 2024. And no, these charging stations are not exclusive country clubs for Mercedes-Benz EVs; they’re throwing the charging cable wide open for all electric vehicle owners. Democracy, meet the charging port.

Mark Raine, the co-CEO of Mercedes-Benz South Africa and the Executive Director of Mercedes-Benz Cars, says, “We’re not just in the car game; we’re in the eMobility transformation Olympics. We want everyone, not just our cool customers, to experience the luxury of a charging network. It’s like having your own pit stop, but without the tire changing drama.”

And if you’re wondering how much they’re throwing at this Phase One fiesta, it’s a cool R15 million. That’s not just spare change; that’s “let’s-make-an-electric-splash” kind of money.

charging stations

Now, for Phase Two – the sequel no one asked for, but we’re getting anyway. Mercedes-Benz SA is doubling down with an extra R25 million. They’re adding 60 more charging stations, making it rain charging ports across South Africa. You know, because having 67 charging stations is so yesterday.

Abey Kgotle, the Executive Director of Human Resources & Corporate Affairs, chimes in, “We’re not just charging cars; we’re charging up job opportunities. It’s like a green energy jobs fair, but with more horsepower.”

So, what’s the verdict on this electrifying move by Mercedes-Benz SA? They’re not just driving the electric revolution; they’re steering it into uncharted territories. So, get ready, South Africa, to plug in and charge on – the Mercedes way!

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