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Suzuki SA Shuts Down Hilarious Claims of a Land Cruiser Transformation


In a twist worthy of a comedy sketch, whispers and fan-made doodles have circulated suggesting that Suzuki was gearing up to unleash a Land Cruiser bearing its own name. Brace yourself for the absurdity because Suzuki SA is here to put these outlandish tales to rest. Apparently, the idea of a Suzuki-badged Land Cruiser was about as likely as a penguin becoming a professional ballet dancer.



Just the other day, someone posted a rendering of what they thought was a brilliant concoction: the Toyota Land Cruiser 300, flexing its muscles with a Suzuki S-Presso badge. I know, it’s almost as hilarious as imagining a kangaroo in a tuxedo sipping tea. Not only that, this creation depicted the Land Cruiser with these four peculiar trapezoidal grilles – like it was auditioning for Suzuki’s S-Presso’s fan club. Talk about a wild imagination!


But hold your laughter, because Suzuki Auto SA wants to set the record straight. In their words, “Suzuki will adopt Toyota’s Land Cruiser into its ranks under the S-Presso moniker are not true.” Yes, you read that correctly. No S-Presso-badged Land Cruisers lurking around the corner.


You see, Toyota and Suzuki have this cozy little partnership going on, and they can swap tech and products like trading cards. Toyota seems to be fond of Suzuki’s compact vehicles, adopting them like a friendly neighbor borrowing sugar. There’s the Vits, a distant cousin of the Suzuki Celerio; the Urban Cruiser, the Suzuki Grand Vitara’s cooler cousin; and the Rumion, which has some Suzuki Ertiga genes. In return, Suzuki gets a taste of Toyota’s electrification technology to spice up its future cars. It’s like a business sleepover party, but with cars.



Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room—or should I say, the Land Cruiser in the showroom. According to the terms of their partnership, Suzuki can’t just pull a surprise Land Cruiser out of its hat. The Land Cruiser 300 is a beast, both in size and price, with a starting tag that’s just a hair shy of 1.5 million Rand. And it’s not just the price; it packs a 3.3-liter turbo diesel V6 engine that spits out a whopping 225 kW and 700 N.m. If Suzuki added it to their lineup, it would be like bringing a tank to a tricycle race—ridiculous!

So there you have it, folks. Suzuki isn’t about to embark on a wild adventure with a Land Cruiser. The current lineup might be small, but they’re not about to throw a heavyweight contender into the ring. It’s like trying to fit an elephant into a Smart car; it just won’t work.

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