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The Shocking Twist in BMW’s X4 Saga: Out with the Gas, In with the Giggle-Inducing Electrons!

Hey there, car enthusiasts! Buckle up because BMW is about to drop a bombshell that’s as shocking as your grandma’s secret chili recipe. In an exclusive scoop that’s hotter than a freshly baked pretzel straight from Munich, we’ve learned that the legendary Bavarian carmaker is saying auf Wiedersehen to good ol’ internal combustion powertrains in their beloved X4. Instead, they’re going all-in on electric power, and rumor has it that the new X4 will be as exclusively electric as a Bavarian polka band playing at Oktoberfest!

ICE X4, We’ll Miss You… or Not

So, hold on to your lederhosen because we’re about to witness the rebirth of the X4 as the iX4. Yup, you heard it right. It’s like the X4, but with a shockingly silent electric twist. We can already hear the distant hum of electric motors replacing the signature growl of a gas engine. But wait, don’t despair just yet, folks! BMW has a cunning plan for those who can’t bear to part ways with their fossil fuels.

Say Hello to the “Not-So-Ex-4” – The X2 on Steroids

The rumor mill is spinning faster than a tire on an empty autobahn, and it’s saying that the reason behind the X2’s sudden growth spurt is to fill the void left by the X4’s gas-less transformation. The upcoming X2 will be 194mm longer than its predecessor, making it a worthy alternative for those who still love their gas-guzzling companions. It’s like the X4, but with an extra helping of schnitzel and a side of sauerkraut.

A Bit of History for Our South African Friends

In sunny South Africa, where the veld is wide and the highways are long, the second-generation X4 made its global debut back in 2018. It was like the wildebeest of the automotive savannah, offering a range of options for every taste. From the X4 xDrive20d to the X4 M40i, there was something for everyone. And for those who craved the ultimate power and prestige, there was the X4 M Competition – a beast that cost more than a small country’s GDP!

But wait, there’s more!

Be prepared, because in early 2024, the all-new X4 will gallop into South Africa. It’ll come with a lineup featuring the sDrive18i M Sport, sDrive20d, and the M35i xDrive. It’s like an automotive buffet with options for everyone, from the carpool lane cruiser to the speed demon in your family.

Conclusion: Fasten Your Seatbelts and Charge Your EV!

Get ready for a brave new world, BMW fans. The X4 is getting electrified, and we’re in for a ride that’s as electrifying as a lightning storm over the Autobahn. For those who want to stick with the good ol’ days of gasoline, the X2 is here to save the day. So, charge up your EV and get ready to make some noise (or not) with the iX4. This is the future, and it’s going to be hilarious, exhilarating, and maybe a tad bit quieter! Prost!


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