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Theon Design Unleashes GBR002: A Masterpiece Blend of Classic Style and Modern Power

Introduction: In the ever-evolving world of automotive engineering, Theon Design has once again stolen the spotlight with its latest creation, the GBR002. Sporting a stunning Oak Green Metallic finish, this masterpiece seamlessly merges classic design with cutting-edge technology, creating a vehicle that not only turns heads but also delivers an exhilarating driving experience.


Aesthetic Marvel:

The GBR002’s aesthetic allure is undeniable, featuring an Oak Green Metallic finish with ‘ghost’ stripes and satin chrome accents. The full carbon body, complemented by steel doors for side-impact safety, stands as a testament to Theon Design’s commitment to both style and safety. The 18-inch Fuchs-style wheels add the perfect finishing touch, elevating the exterior design to a whole new level.

Potent Powerhouse:

Beneath the hood lies a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-six engine, flexing its muscles with 298 kW of power and 442 Nm of torque. The GBR002 boasts Theon’s most potent engine to date, thanks to performance enhancements like a new Hewland six-speed transmission, a Wavetrac Torsen limited-slip differential, and bespoke throttle bodies from Jenvey—boosting power output by an impressive 5%.

Interior Elegance:

Step inside the meticulously restored 911 to discover Theon Design’s aluminum upgrade package, focusing on interior details like door handles, fuel cap, and gauge rings. Muslin leather graces the Recaro CS seats at the front and Theon touring seats at the rear, seamlessly blending with woven Alcantara sections. Modern amenities include a Bluetooth-enabled stereo system, a six-speaker Focal audio setup, and a wireless phone charger integrated into the center console extension.

Weight Optimization and Performance:

To enhance performance, most body panels were replaced with lightweight carbon fiber, resulting in a reduced weight of 1,169 kg. The strengthened body shell incorporates a lightweight Mil-Spec wiring harness. The GBR002 features a full RS brake package for enhanced stopping power and a switchable five-stage TracTive Active Controlled Electronics (ACE) damping system for adaptable handling. Dual air-conditioning compressors and an electric-power steering pump positioned at the front contribute to improved weight distribution, further elevating its performance.

Conclusion: The GBR002 exemplifies the harmonious marriage of classic design and modern technology, standing as a beacon in the automotive industry’s evolution. Theon Design’s restomod masterpiece pushes boundaries, providing enthusiasts with not just a car but an exhilarating driving experience that pays homage to automotive history. In the GBR002, innovation meets heritage in a symphony of power, style, and driving pleasure.

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